what’s left to say

what's left to say

TW for lots of nazi things

The political landscape in the country of my birth is so threatening that it overshadows absolutely everything else. I like to argue and debate and maybe troll a little but I’m scared things have progressed to the point where we need things that are not those things.

I want to try putting out one of these a week so I can actually make some headway and improve my video quality and apparently I need special foundation primer for my eyelids and that’s annoying but check in next week for more nazis I fucking guess

Go watch the ContraPoints video I was talking about, it illustrates this point better than I ever could and also Contra is really hot I’m just saying. You know I’m right: https://youtu.be/zPa1wikTd5c


One thought on “what’s left to say

  • October 8, 2018 at 1:28 am

    When I stop and think about it Winter Soldier wasn't just a kickass action movie, it was a warning! Like, Project Paperclip had Americans taking in and giving shelter to ~1600 Nazi scientists, and now in 2016/7 we're all surprised that Nazis have basically taken over the country and our social platforms? Meanwhile you've got the bloody ACLU taking a stand to protect the free speech of these Nazis, and liberals with close to zero stake saying it'd be wrong to fight them.

    Are…. are we screwed? Like I dun wanna sound pessimistic but holy Christ how did anyone led it last this long and get this bad?

    Well for what its worth glad to see this pop up in the sub-box, nice treat to wake up to 🙂


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