Top 20 Simple Plan songs

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Ok so i am a HUGE SP fan and their music has just helped me through sooo many different things since i discovered them when i was in 7th grade (am in college now) and idk i just felt like makin a vid and thought this would be the perfect excuse to put a bunch of SP songs in one vid! i seriously had a hard time picking which place to put all these songs because i love EVERY SINGLE song SOOO much!!!! but here it is and ya…
songs from debut album “no pads, no helmets…just balls,” second album “Still Not Getting Any…,” third album “Simple Plan,” and their newest album, “Get Your Heart On!” enjoy!

Vocals: Pierre Bouvier
Rythmic Guitar/Backing Vocals: Sebastien Lefebvre
Base/Backing Vocals: David Desrosiers
Guitar: Jeff Stinco
Drums: Chuck Comeau


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