Today in Music History – 1979

Today in Music History - 1979

In #1979 music and the music business is on the brink of big changes! Recording technology and new electronics cause musicians to experiment more fully with drums machines and synthesizers creating a sound that’s transports English punk and British pop to American audiences.

America’s “Saturday Night Fever” is beginning to wane and groups like the #Clash, the Sex Pistols, The Boomtown Rats, #Blondie and The #Knack all break through with radio friendly hits and the majority of 1970’s rock artists begin to age out.

In the News in 1979…
The Sony #Walkman goes on sale for the first time in Japan. Gas lines-as they did in 1973-form at gas stations all across America as the Iranian revolution decreases oil production causing gas prices to soar in The U.S. #McDonald’s introduces the #HappyMeal and the Albert Einstein Memorial is unveiled at The National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C.

1979 Also see’s the release of Two Huge Historic Landmark records…The #Wall, a rock opera and concept album by the great Roger Waters and #PinkFloyd is released. And Michael Jackson drops his breakthrough album “Off the Wall.”

#Grammy Award winners in 1979
The Bee Gees pick up 4 Grammys for Saturday Night Fever.
Billy Joel wins song of the year for “Just the Way You Are”
Best Pop Vocal Performance, goes to Barry Manilow “Copacabana (At the Copa)” And Best R&B Vocal Performance, goes to Donna Summer for “Last Dance”

Music On Film in 1979!
Hair debuts in theaters in March
Bette Midler is…“The Rose” And The Ramones appear in Rock and Roll High School.

And Born in 1979!
September 8 – Punk Pop Rock Artist…PINK!
June 8 – Guitarist extraordinaire…Derek Trucks
and American Idol…Chris Daughtry

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