Taylor Swift Fights Her Nearly-Naked Robot Clone in Futuristic Music Video

< img src=' http://www.etonline.com/sites/default/files/styles/max_1280x720/public/brightcove/videos/images/posters/taylor_swift_ready_for_it.jpg?itok=PIvHb54j'/ > Taylor Swift is going complete cyberpunk in her brand-new video for “… Ready For it?”

The video clip, which appears to be motivated by the live-action adjustment of Ghost in the Shell and also a number of various other timeless sci-fi franchise business, is a robot-filled advanced impressive that sees 2 cyborg-Swifts taking on in a fight to the fatality.

It opens up on one Swift (Swift-Alpha) strolling down a grungy, advanced city road shaking a black floor-length cape as she comes close to a team of enormous, red-eyes robotic soldiers, that seem under her command.

As Swift-Alpha goes through what seems a deserted shopping center that acts as her head office, she comes close to an additional Swift (Swift-Prime), relatively locked up behind glass.

INFORMATION: Taylor Swift Appears Nude in Light-Up Bodysuit as She Teases Futuristic ‘Ready for It’ Music Video

S-Prime is shaking a skin-tight body fit– that we would certainly claim was simply her robo-skin, however she’s additionally jumped on matching heels, so it’s difficult to inform– and also has the capability

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