Christian music mix, Worship Music Mix Christian Rock Mix like Jeremy Camp, TobyMac, Kutless

Christian Music Videos. Download and free streaming at also available on iTunes. One Hour of Christian music mix, Worship Music Mix Christian Rock Mix like Jeremy Camp, TobyMac, Kutless 2015 2016 By Matt Norton One Hour Playlists full of Inspirational Rock Praise songs and uplifting CCM/Christian Rock Music. If you like worship with an edge you will defiantly enjoy this mix.

This video features new Worship Songs by Matt Norton And his band Broken By Grace.

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Showtime Tribute 80’s Hard Rock Band Looks That Kill…

Live at the Spirit of 66, Verviers, June 9, 2012 : Looks That Kill (…) taken from Motley Crüe’s second album “Shout At The Devil”. (Nov. 1983).


Local indie band -The Steps Band – Will You Know

Band Indie Lokal punk -The Steps BAnd – Akankah Kau Tahu


PIY Punkrock Karaoke – No Punkrock In My Car





No Culture ─ Silent Partner ─ Alternative & Punk

Download – Descargar (YouTube Audio Library) To find the original audio, you can find the name of this song in the youtube audio library, here you will find …


Daft Punk – On Da Dance Floor (Mix 3)

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Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Daft Punk reached significant popularity in the late 1990s house movement in France and met with continued success in the years following, combining elements of house with synthpop. The duo is credited with producing songs that are considered essential in the French house scene. The group was managed from 1996 to 2008 by Pedro Winter (Busy P), the head of Ed Banger Records. Early in the group’s career, the band members were influenced by groups including The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones.

Bangalter and de Homem-Christo were originally in a band called Darlin’, which disbanded after a short period of time, leaving the two to experiment musically on their own. The duo became Daft Punk, releasing its critically acclaimed debut album Homework in 1997. The 2001 release of Discovery was even more successful, driven by the club singles “One More Time”, “Digital Love”, and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.
In March 2005, the duo released the album Human After All to mixed reviews. However, the singles “Robot Rock” and “Technologic” achieved success in the United Kingdom. Daft Punk toured throughout 2006 and 2007 and released the live album Alive 2007, which won a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album. The duo composed the score of the film Tron: Legacy and in 2010 released the soundtrack album of the film. In January 2013, Daft Punk left EMI Records for Sony Music Entertainment’s subsidiary label Columbia, and released Random Access Memories in 2013 to critical acclaim.
Daft Punk is noted for its elaborate live shows, in which visual elements and effects are incorporated with the music. The group is known for its emphasis on visual and story components associated with their musical productions. Daft Punk is also known for its use of disguises while in public and/or performing; specifically ornate helmets and gloves to assume robot personas in most public appearances since 2001. The duo rarely grants interviews or appears on television.


Alternative Nu Groove Metal – “Awake” by Spitting Distance (Instrumental)

The song “Awake” by my 1st one man band “Spitting Distance”. Now this one is one of the heavier songs I have written for SD. Very chuggy and ugly sounding. “Downwind of the Dead” is my 2nd metal project, but it’s a LOT heavier stuff. If you’re looking for something a little more like that, go here:

Credits: Jesse Lemons – guitar and bass, Marc Coronado – drums, Melissa Lemons – photographer


Metallica Enter Sandman cover by all girl band Cougrzz Rock

Cougrzz Rock! perform Enter Sandman at Vamp’d in Las Vegas. Video credit Len Czyzniejewski.
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The Cougrzz are a high energy, all live, dance band whose talent and fun loving appeal has set a new standard in Corporate Events, Business Celebrations, Sales Meetings, Holiday Parties worldwide and locally thoughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, San Diego. Specializing in today’s dance music, classic rock favorites, and performing a wide range of classic dance standards, The Cougrzz will keep the dance floor packed from start to finish covering hits by: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Iggy Azalea. Dance to your old school favorites from  Michael Jackson, Prince, Kool and the Gang, and many more. You want rock? We will Rock You with our classic favorites from KISS, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, Journey, Heart, Joan Jett and that’s just the start!


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