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“The Day Prince Called” – In Conversation with Nik West /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

"The Day Prince Called" - In Conversation with Nik West /// Scott's Bass Lessons

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::: About This Episode :::

Here’s we go with Episode 2 of the Scott’s Bass Lessons Podcast!

This week I sit down with Nik West – bass player, vocalist and songwriter with credits that include artists such as Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Prince, John Mayer, Glee and American Idol.

She’s been on the cover of Bass Musician Magazine and has also been featured in Bass Player, Bass Quarterly Germany, and Bass Magazine Japan.

In this episode we discuss her past, how she found the bass, why she nearly gave up for good – right through to moving to LA, hanging out with the likes of Andrew Gouché and getting the call from Prince.

In this Episode You’re Going to Learn:

– How Nik found the bass, and started her journey to becoming a bass player.
– Why she stopped playing (luckily for us she started again!)
– Why you should “play the groove until it’s in you”
– What it was like getting the call from Prince… in the middle of the night!


Right now over 10,000 bass players are enrolled in the Academy here at Scott’s Bass Lessons and are making a real difference to their playing… if you’re really serious about getting your bass playing together, click here to find out more and grab your FREE trial:


Blink-182 – Online Songs [Lyrics]

Blink-182 - Online Songs [Lyrics]

Lyrics for Online Songs by Blink-182 from the hit album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket released in June 2001.
I do not own anything.
Enjoy (:


03- Chump- Green Day (Dookie)

03- Chump- Green Day (Dookie)

I don’t know you
But,I think I HATE you
You’re the reason for my misery
Strange how you’ve become
my biggest enemy
And I’ve never even seen your face

Maybe it’s just jealousy
Mixing up with a VIOLENT mind
A circumstance that doesn’t make much SENSE
Or maybe I’m just DUMB

You’re the cloud hanging out over my head
Hail comes crashing down
welting my face
Yet you still get one over on me

Maybe it’s just jealousy
Mixing up with a VIOLENT mind
A circumstance that doesn’t make much SENSE
Or maybe I’m just DUMB


Green Day (1997.11.11) Late Night with Conan O’Brien, New York, New York, USA

Green Day (1997.11.11) Late Night with Conan O'Brien, New York, New York, USA

Good Riddance.

Setlist: Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Setlist: 01 – Nice Guys Finish Last 02 – Hitchin’ A Ride 03 – The Grouch 04 – Brain Stew 05 – Jaded 06 – Knowledge 07 – Chump 08 – Longview 09 – Basket Case.

Welcome to Paradise.