GREEN DAY the studio albums (1990-2009)

All 8 Green Day albums in this awesome set.

“1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours” (1991)
“Kerplunk!” (1992)
“Dookie” (1994)
“Insomniac” (1995)
“Nimrod” (1997)
“Warning” (2000)
“American Idiot” (2004)
“21st Century Breakdown” (2009)


Green Day – “Highway To Hell” AC/DC cover – Reading Festival liveboxHD – live HD

Amazing cover from Green Day. A great song with a unique atmosphere. Enjoy. This is “Highway To Hell”.
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Green Day – Highway to Hell (original AC/DC) lyrics

Living easy, living free.
Season ticket on a one-way ride

Going down, party time –
My friends are gonna be there too.

Hey Momma, look at me.
I’m on my way to the promised land.

I’m on the highway to hell.

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Meeting Billie Joe Armstrong x2

I got to meet Billie again while I was in New York last week. I congratulate him on winning the Grammy for the Musical and he thanks me. He also signed a page in my Kerrang magazine. Then he notices the book that Rosie had given him the night before (the one he tweeted about).


2004-2005 Green Day gigs… Were you there too!?

Green Day compilation from old cameras, camera phones and blu-tooth transfers. I know… the videos are not THAT good. Here we have Reading Festival, Brixton Academy, TRL UK, BBC/TOTP and Milton Keynes…

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REMASTERED Green Day – 17-Dec-2005 Telstra Dome, Melbourne

Widescreen Cropped Version.
Noise removal and better audio source.
Remastered for a DVD release. Youtube deinterlaces all videos so this appears as a progressive framerate.

Original Version:


Green Day Hate Famous People

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Green Day Rock Band Buzzworthy Interview

Green Day recently sat down with MTV to answer some questions about Rock Band. Interview from the ”MTV Buzzworthy Blog”. They talk about Mike’s 5 worst tour injuries, songs & bands they’d like to include in Rock Band & their 5 favorite MTV memories.


Green Day’s Greatest Punk Moments

Green Day’s Greatest Punk Moments