Lanzamiento del libro “La canción punk de los 80 en Chile” del escritor Jonathan Lukinovic Hevia el Viernes 21 de Agosto de 2015 en el Sindicato Nº1 de trabajadores Nestle en San Fernando.


Casa Du Rock – STUDIO REPORT #3 – Chula Rock Band (Eu Lírico)

Casa Du Rock – STUDIO REPORT #3

Chula Rock Band interpreta “Eu Lírico” (Márcio Chula / Renan Karacol)

Gravado no Studio Casa du Rock em 08/2011

Gabriel Menezes / Gustavo Daldegan / Daniel Penido / Vítor Espíndola

Gabriel Menezes / Daniel Penido / Gustavo Daldegan

Gabriel Menezes / Gustavo Daldegan

Daniel Penido / Rhodes Madureira

Daniel Muscula

Comunidade das Formigas Sem Antena

Casa du Rock


Lost Cause-Misfit

Punk band Lost Cause from Orange, CA 1981 playing the song “Misfit.” The best version of the song, sung by Johnny Ernst.


The Kassos “How I’m Going Out” San Diego Garage Punk Rock

The Kassos – How I’m Going Out

Bartender I need a drink
I need it now
My mouth is dry and my nerves are shot
I need the music loud

How I got here I don’t know
But I know how I’m going out

Hey girl I wanna watch you dance
Here’s a dollar bill
I got time for another line
And another thrill

I spend my days just getting high
Got no idea where I spent the night last night
And I feel alright


No Culture ─ Silent Partner ─ Alternative & Punk

Download – Descargar (YouTube Audio Library) To find the original audio, you can find the name of this song in the youtube audio library, here you will find …


Midnight Club – Replay (Music Video)

My fan video of french electronic project Midnight club under isuzu gemini adverts 85-88 years videos


ETC: Embrace The Culture Indie Music & Arts Festival

ETC is the progressive celebration of the dynamic talent and dedication that fuels the indie music scene. Town Point Park is transformed into an organic platform for innovative artists, comedians, authors and hip musicians to flourish. Festival artisans include vibrant Norfolk Food Truck Chefs, dynamic local craft breweries and a pop-up retail marketplace that includes vibrant, hip fashionwear and innovative, repurposed gadgetry.


street punk penggusuran

mari kawan kita lawan penggusuran


What is NEO-NOIR? What does NEO-NOIR mean? NEO-NOIR meaning, definition & explanation

What is NEO-NOIR? What does NEO-NOIR mean? NEO-NOIR meaning – NEO-NOIR definition – NEO-NOIR explanation.

Source: article, adapted under license.

Neo-noir (English: New-black; from the Greek neo, new; and the French noir, black) is a style often seen in modern motion pictures and other forms that prominently use elements of film noir, a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, but with updated themes, content, style, visual elements or media that were absent in film noir of the 1940s and 1950s.

The term film noir (French for “black film”) was coined by critic Nino Frank in 1946, but was rarely used by filmmakers, critics or fans until several decades later. The classic era of film noir is usually dated to a period between the early 1940s and the late 1950s. Typically American crime dramas or psychological thrillers, films noir had a number of common themes and plot devices, and many distinctive visual elements. Characters were often conflicted antiheroes, trapped in a difficult situation and making choices out of desperation or nihilistic moral systems. Visual elements included low-key lighting, striking use of light and shadow, and unusual camera placement.

Although there have been few new major films in the classic film noir genre since the early 1960s, it has nonetheless had significant impact on other genres. These films usually incorporate both thematic and visual elements reminiscent of film noir. Both classic and neo-noir films are often independent features.

It was not until after 1970 that film critics began to consider “neo-noir” as a separate genre by its own definition. However, noir and post-noir terminology (such as “neo-classic”, “hard-boiled”, etc.) in modern application are often disclaimed by both critics and practitioners alike due to the obscurity of such an unrefined genre. For example, James M. Cain, author of The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity, is considered to be one of the defining authors of hard-boiled fiction. Yet, Cain is quoted as saying, “I belong to no school, hard-boiled or otherwise, and I believe these so-called schools exist mainly in the imagination of critics, and have little correspondence in reality anywhere else.”

Robert Arnett states that “Neo-noir has become so amorphous as a genre/movement, any film featuring a detective or crime qualifies.”