Blink-182 “Dogs Eating Dogs” – New EP!

Blink-182 "Dogs Eating Dogs" - New EP!

Check out Mark, Tom & Travis in the studio recording Blink-182’s brand new EP “Dogs Eating Dogs”. It’s available on 12.18.2012 exclusively on – Packages available for pre-order now!


Blink-182 – Asthenia

Blink-182 - Asthenia

Tom DeLonge: “This song starts with the transmission of our conversation when we land on the moon. It’s really weird to hear this song talking to Houston. The whole song theme’s about these two guys sitting in their spaceship, not bigger than a car, they’re looking through the window and see the space, they can see the earth away. The idea is that they can die up there but that it’s maybe worst getting back down on earth. ‘Let me die in space.’ Asthenia means the loss of all vital conditions.”

Unofficial music video for “Asthenia”, song by Blink-182 from their album Self titled (2003). Fan video by Mario Fernandes.



25 Facts on Green Day

25 Facts on Green Day

25 Facts About Green Day – Please Like and Subscribe! Thanks guys


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This American punk rock band formed way back 1986 by vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. For much of their career, the band was a three piece with drummer Tré Cool. Tré Cool replaced their former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990 prior to the recording of the band’s second studio album. Here are 25 facts about Green Day.


blink-182 – Story Of A Lonely Guy | Acoustic Cover

blink-182 - Story Of A Lonely Guy | Acoustic Cover

A little throwback for a cover video this time around! This is my acoustic version of blink-182’s Story Of A Lonely Guy from their album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey, my name is Lucas Hardy and I am a singer songwriter from the Isle of Wight, UK. My channel includes videos of my music, cover songs and other music adventures.


Blink-182 Perform w/ Bun B in Camden, NJ 9/17/11 (1080P HD)

Blink-182 Perform w/ Bun B in Camden, NJ 9/17/11 (1080P HD)

Travis Barker brought out his friend and fellow rapper Bun B on stage at the Susquehanna Bank Center on 9/17/11 in Camden, NJ for a quick performance. This was the only time this happened on the Honda Civic Tour.


Blink-182 – Pretty Little Girl

Blink-182 - Pretty Little Girl

Pretty Little Girl
Dogs Eating Dogs EP [2012]


musical requests and challenges – #1 Blink 182, Morrissey and depressing music to dance to

musical requests and challenges - #1 Blink 182, Morrissey and depressing music to dance to

this week’s video features an emotional Blink 182 cover, a Morrissey impression, and a song about being sad that you can simultaneously cry and dance along to.

do you have any musical requests or challenges for me? let me know in the comments.

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if only they
could see you now
all the boys and girls
back in your hometown

you ate your way
through another wasted night
your misery would look
so good in black and white

where do i collect my gold star
for being the saddest boy in this bar?
i thought i was a dreamer
but i haven’t slept in days
if only life
moved in 24 frames

are you lonely?
oh, lonely?
do you regret the life you’ve had?

if you hold me
oh, hold me
it’ll still feel just as bad


please don’t look so sad
you’re making us look bad