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jazz, blues, – Sofa – Dazie Mae

Chant : Jeanne
After 5 years as leader of the famous « Flying Cheddars Lovers », a kind of « trash ballroom dancing band” specialized in covering Gregorian sacred songs, Jeanne has now decided to stop the booze !
Piano/Mélodica : Mathias
Mat’s childhood took place in a little African village in south Botswana , where he was initiated to sacred dancings and musical habits of Congalaabawanaa. He’s never been quite the same ever since.
Guitare : Tom
Tom met one day Pat Metheny after a gig in Nancy (east of France). He immediatly kicked the guy’s face to steal his guitar. In fact he never leaves it alone, even taking it under the shower, which explain the weird sounds…
Basse : Serge
After being explelled from England for setting fire to a pub where some band were playing live using a “dreaded” drum machine, he writes his first album with around 54 post punk songs, all written in 4 days.
A short history of Dazie Mae
Why do we call ourselves DM ?
Of course, the famous Blues song from Johnny Lee Hooker. But also, with a slight different spelling, it is the “femme fatale” hero of the famous comic by Li’l Abner from the forties and fifties. And indication of how retro we are…
A musical genre ?
Well that’s a hard one! Just about a mix of everything (rolk, blues, jazz & bossa) At first that was mainly covers from anglo-saxon folk/rock from the 60/70. Then some original materials came along. In 2008, the band took a new turn towards “unexpected” arrangements of pop standarts. Played live in Paris in the spring of 2008.
We are now actively working on new original materials, songs with a center theme, the imaginary life of DM.
If you have been a reader of the famous comic strip, have old copies, know more about the story of DM, please write to us. We would like to know about her life, write more about the kind of women she was. Was Lou Reed right about her smelly feet???


#Peacock! No Punk Blues, @AnnesEmbroidery +TheAgrarians @FreeMusicArchive

Freehand drawing and digitizing of a peacock, photographed and pieced together with great music by The Agrarians, “No Punk Blues”, found in Free Music Archive. I do not monetize my videos, ever, and the sound is only to enhance the viewing experience.
This one, in particular, really makes the art!
The point of these videos is to show how embroidery designs flow when sewing out, and art for the sake of art..!
I hope you will enjoy it.. Anne’s Embroidery digitizing and embroidery videos…


star wars punk cover

video con imagenes de star wars!



Danke nochmal an:


►Das Greif

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Barbara Lewis Hello Stranger Legendado

Nostalgia, Charme, Melô, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk Verdadeiro, Hip-Hop, Rap Nacional, New Wave, Dance, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s e 90’s tudo num só lugar o/


DEMASIADO GUAPOS PARA EL PUNK ( documental completo)

Demasiado Guapos para el Punk cuenta la historia sobre las nuevas generaciones de grupos de punk en Barcelona, treinta años después de que se produjese la explosión punk en todo el estado.

Relatado por los propios personajes que forman esta historia, muestran como el punk se recicla y sigue contagiando a nuevos jóvenes con ganas de hacer el gamberro, molestar y disfrutar de la música, sin virtuosismos.

Novatos y veteranos se juntan en este documental para hablar del punk a día de hoy. Tomando como referencia sus vivencias, en escenas pasadas y de la actualidad.


Alternative & Punk: Once – Silent Partner (All Monetizable & Free Music)

(All Monetizable & Free Music)

Artist: Silent Partner
Genre: Alternative & Punk | Bright


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Everything we provide here is royalty free.

We are dedicated to only posting monetization friendly music. Please alert us if we’ve made a mistake.

Monetizable free music is often thought of as copyright free music, no copyright music, or simply free music. These terms can be a bit confusing, as even music which maybe free are not necessarily monetizable, and monetizable does not necessarily mean the authors of the work give up their moral rights; the rights to be credited.


You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.…

Some of the songs and tracks we upload on this channel WILL require credit.


To convert this to MP3, copy and past the video’s URL and paste it than press “Convert to mp3” and download.


Background Images are from the Public Domain.
To find more art like this, google “Old Master Paintings”, “Hudson River School”, “Thomas Moran”, or “Frederic Church”.

Learn more about the Public Domain and why it’s important here:


Short Lived “Changes (Redux)” ’90s San Diego Punk Rock

Short Lived
“Changes (Redux)”


The Muffins – No Name

The Muffins telah merilis album perdana mereka dan masuk di album Medan Teriak 2014. No Name adalah salah satu lagu yang ada di album Medan Teiak 2014, dan The Muffins adalah band yang luar biasa bagi kami, attitude dan jiwa seni yang tinggi yang menurut kami sebagai pondasi yang kokoh untuk band ini, itu terbukti……… Lagunya keren-keren…. Bagaimana menurut anda…

Support Terus Band Medan Dengan Nyata !!!!!!!!!