My Top 9 Best Simple Plan Songs

Well again… This is a video showing My Top 9 Best Simple Plan Songs. It’s a little better than my first vid of Basshunter. The song at the beginning is ”One Night In Bankok” by Vinylshakerz. I hope you’ll enjoy ! 🙂

Song List

1. Your love is a lie
2. The end
3. Crazy
4. When I’m gone
5. Generation
6. Perfect world
7. Save you
8. Jump
9. Take my hand


Simple Plan behind the scenes at Download Festival 2017

Simple Plan invited us to film their journey to the stage at Download Festival 2017

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Simple Song, Simple Plan (Wataru X Mio)

This a music video using the song “Simple Song, Simple Plan” by the Pettit Project to the clips from the Japanese show “Kamen Rider Kiva”

Disclaimer: I do not own the clips and song used.


Simple Plan – My Christmas List (Live Lyrics)

© 2003 listen Simple Plan’s song “My Christmas List” live at Jingle Ball Christmas with lyrics!


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Good Charlotte – The Anthem (Lyrics)

good charlotte – the anthem lyrics:

Good Charlotte – The Anthem Lyrics
(Yeah, here we go)
It’s a new day, but it all feels old
It’s a good life, that’s what I’m told
But everything, it all just feels the same

At my high school, it felt more to me
Like a jail cell, a penitentiary
My time spent there, it only made me see

That I don’t ever wanna be like you
I don’t wanna do the things you do
I’m never gonna hear the words you say
and I don’t ever wanna, I don’t ever wanna be

You…don’t wanna be just like you
Oh what I’m sayin’ is this is the anthem, throw all your hands up,
you… don’t wanna be you

Go to college, a university, get a real job,
That’s what they said to me
But I could never live the way they want
I’m gonna get by, and just do my time, out of step while, they all
get in line
I’m just a minor threat so pay no mind

Do you really wanna be like them, do you really wanna be another
Do you wanna be part of that crowd?
’cause I don’t ever wanna, I don’t ever wanna be

You…don’t wanna be just like you
Oh what I’m sayin’ is this is the anthem throw all your hands up,
you, don’t wanna be you

Shake it once, that’s fine
Shake it twice, that’s okay
Shake it three times, you’re playing with yourself, again.

You…don’t wanna be just like you
What I’m sayin’ is this is the anthem throw all your hands up,
Y’all got to feel me, sing if you’re with me, you, don’t wanna
be just like you (just like you)
This is the anthem throw all your hands up, y’all got to feel
me, sing if you’re with me
Another loser anthem (whoa-oh)
Another loser anthem (whoa-oh)
Another loser anthem (whoa-oh)
Another loser anthem


A Simple Plan (4/8) Movie CLIP – Self-Defense (1998) HD

A Simple Plan movie clips:

Things get bloody when Lou (Brent Briscoe) threatens Hank (Bill Paxton) with a shotgun.

Based on Scott B. Smith’s bone-chilling 1993 novel, A Simple Plan is a bit of a departure for horror film director Sam Raimi. Instead of flying eyeballs and dancing corpses, A Simple Plan is a taut crime thriller in the vein of Joel Coen’s Academy Award-winning Fargo. Set during the white winters of Minnesota, this story tells the eerie tale of Hank and Jacob Mitchell (played by Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton) who, along with a buddy, find a downed single-engine plane buried in the snowy woods. Inside it is a decaying pilot and a bag carrying four million dollars in one-hundred-dollar bills. The men decide to hide the money until spring when the snow is melted and the plane is found. If no one notices the missing money at that time, they will split it and live a wealthy new life. A simple plan, right? Wrong. Much like Humphrey Bogart’s The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, things can only get worse, as distrust and greed creep into the minds of the principals. They find it difficult to decide which one gets to hold the money — and even more impossible to keep from dipping into the stash until spring. And so on. It also becomes increasingly tough to keep a secret of this magnitude. And if all this doesn’t get moviegoers’ brains working, it seems there are suspicious characters in town who just may be able to link them to the plane, forcing the more dangerous and bloody question of what to do with those people and how to cover their tracks.

TM & © Paramount (1998)
Cast: Becky Ann Baker, Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Brent Briscoe
Director: Sam Raimi
Producers: Mark Gordon, James Jacks, Gary Levinsohn, Michael Polaire, Adam Schroeder
Screenwriter: Scott B. Smith

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Chrizly-Charts TOP 10: Best Of Simple Plan (So Far)

This group was formed in Montreal, Canada in 1999. They are singer Pierre Bouvier, lead-guitarrist Jeff Stinco, rhythm-guitarrist Sébastien Lefebvre, bass-guitarrist David Desrosiers and drummer Chuck Comeau. They have been nominated for the Juno-Award (the Canadian Music Award) 7 times and won twice. Three of their five albums so far have gone Platinum in their home-country, two of them received also Platinum records in Australia and the USA. So hope you enjoy this Top Ten selection.

What is your favorite tune of Simple Plan? Write in the comments and make suggestions for further Top 10s.

No copyright infringement intended you can buy and stream all these songs in your favorite store in full length. No money is made with these videos, they are simply a hobby to celebrate music.

To support Simple Plan go to their official sites, buy and stream their songs. Thank you!


A Simple Plan 1998 Full Movie

When three blue collar acquaintances come across millions of dollars in lost cash they make a plan to keep …