Simple Plan – Generation LIVE Brisbane

Simple Plan’s Brisbane Concert October 17th 2008 Generation And Beginning Of Concert,
I KNOW Its Shit Quality.
I Was Right In Front Of The Sub Woofer And In A Jumping Crowd.


Zildjian Behind the Scenes – Chuck Comeau (Simple Plan)

We met up with Chuck Comeau (Simple Plan) in Boston and find out about Simple Plan, playing in music videos, and the new CD.

Transcript of the Interview:

I started playing drums when I was 13 years old. It was about 18 years ago. So have been playing for awhile. I started out in my parents basement, basically begging them to but me a drumset. It took about 6 months of intense lobbying. We had a lead and a bass guitarists and I wasn’t playing anything so I figured I would play drums and bugged my parents and got my first drumkit and I have been playing with Simple Plan for 18 years now. Same singer so pretty crazy.

In terms of my set-up I have been very flexable. I love trying new cymbals, new things that are coming out. Usually I like a brighter sound. I am using the A Zildjian Crashses for a long time. They sound unbelievable live, they really cut through. In the studio or live, they feel really great. I usually go for bigger cymbals 18″ everywhere. Usually people will have different sizes and dimensions and I kind to like to be even. After doing music videos they have fake double cymbals and you have to hit them really hard for things to move in the video. So I can now hit through anything easily.

Simple Plan we are really busy are new record came out “Get Your Heart On!”. It came out several weeks ago. So we will be touring for the next two years. Right now we are on the Van’s Warped Tour. After this we are going to Korea, China, we are going to Japan for Summersonic festival. We are traveling all across Europe. All sorts of festivals and our own shows as well. Its then off to Australia and then more US touring and a big Canadian New Year tour as well. So we will be all over the place. We are pride ourselves on playing live that is what we are all about. We play over 300 shows a year so we are going to be everywhere. All over the world traveling and playing our music and that is the plan.


Simple Plan – Untitled(Piano cover) – Played by Jonathan

I hope you enjoy (:

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Simple Plan – Jet Lag ft. Marie Mai (Lyrics)

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David from simple plan-“The freshmen”

This is a video I made of simple plan’s bassist david desrosriers(sp?). I just did it cuz I was bored.


Simple Plan – No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls: 15th Anniversary Tour Throuback Promo


Simple Plan – I’d Do Anything (cover version)

Here is a Simple Plan cover! This hit song can be found on their 2002 platinum album “No Pads No Helmets Just Balls” All copyrights go to Simple Plan and their respective labels. Here is the lineup:

Vocals: Jamie McLean
Guitars: Colton Taylor
Bass: Paul Miner
Drums: Jarrod Alexander
Guitar Tracking: Brad Simons @ Velveteen Audio
Vocal Tracking and Additional Guitar Tracking: Quinn Cyrankiewicz @ Quinncmusic
Drum and Bass Tracking: Paul Miner @ Buzzbomb Soundlabs
Mixing: Sam Guaiana @ Room 21 Sound
Mastering: John Neclario @ Nada Mastering
Lyric Video: Sam Evans @ Radical Wizard