Simple Plan – Save You (Full Album Version)

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Great Track From Their New Self-Titled Album


Self Employed Retirement Plans – Best Self Employed Retirement Plans

What are self employed retirement plans – What is a self employed retirement plan? 1-800-566-1002 What are the best types of self employed retirement plans and learn how you can avoid the most common mistakes that individuals have made when looking to set up a self employed retirement plan.
Benefits You Can Avail From Self Employed Retirement Plans

Over the past few years, many companies all over the world have shed millions of jobs, affecting the economy. Others opted for self employment since the competition for landing a job has become tougher. In addition to that, self employed retirement plans has also started to become a trend for many individuals. One of the benefits of self employment is that you are your own boss and there are no subordinates to pull you down. You earn exactly what you worked for without the hassle of being under someone else.

One of the most common self employed retirement plans include solo 401k plans. It is the newest among the most commonly used retirement funds. If you are under the age of 50, the contribution limit is $16,500 and $22,000 for those aged 50 or over. The tax benefits are better compared to SEP because the contributions that you will make are not restricted to a certain percentage of your pay. Another great deal with 401(k) plans is that you can contribute 20% of your earnings as an additional contribution.

Another option for retirement funds is the simple IRA retirement plan. IRA stands for individual retirement account. $5,000 is the maximum contribution for those aged under 50, and $6,000 for those aged 50 and over. It is best that neither you nor your spouse (if you have one) is covered by another retirement fund such as 401(k) to avoid limitations in tax deductions and other conflicting issues.

SEP IRA plans or simplified employee pension IRA is an upgraded version of the simple IRA, where you can contribute from 20 percent of your net earnings up to a maximum of $49,000. Nowadays, the SEP IRA is the most common type of retirement plan being used by self employed individuals. This type of plan does not require a mandatory contribution. For one year, you may choose to contribute the full amount or half or any desired amount for the succeeding year. One of the benefits of using the SEP IRA is that it is very easy to create an account and maintain it. The deadline for funding your account is the same as the deadline for filing your income tax returns which makes it convenient for all users. A disadvantage for this though is that loans are not permitted.

With the Roth IRA retirement plan, there is no income tax deduction and the growth of your investment is tax free. It is the exact opposite of a traditional IRA plan where contributions have an income tax deduction and the money you take out in retirement is taxed.

Other self employed retirement plans that are more expensive and difficult to maintain include the Defined benefit plan. The annual funding requirements are very rigid even though loans are permitted in this type of retirement fund. The annual contributions for this type of account can reach up to $100,000 or more, depending on the age and the average income of the owner. For more information about the various retirement plans for self employed individuals, there are many websites that let you use free retirement planning tools to get you started.

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Simple Plan – Summer Paradise (live Toronto 2017)

Simple Plan – Summer Paradise
live @ The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto
No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls 15th-anniversary tour


10 Depressing Emo Songs We Used to Love (Throwback)

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Sometimes life gets tough and the only way to make it through…well maybe not the only way…is through good music, especially those essential emo songs. So we’re taking a look back at those songs that helped us through puberty and high school and all the drama on Throwback.

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Going Down
Panic! At the Disco – I write Sins Not Tragedies
All Time Low – Dear Maria, Count Me In
Blink 182 – I Miss You
Taking Back Sunday – MakeDamnSure
Simple Plan – Perfect
Paramore – Misery Business
Say Anything – Alive with the Glory of Love
Yellowcard – Only one

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Simple Plan @ Tivoli Utrecht 2016

Spotify: Jenny Kr
Le blog:


My Simple Plan CD Collection [Version #2]

No more collecting for me, guys. ;( Sorry. :/

Thanks for watching this video.
This is my collection of Simple Plan CD (And DVD). I started it in 2004-2005.
[Version #2]

Here’s the CD/DVD list:

– Simple Self-Title Bonus (Common) (20$ – Quebec)

– Simple Plan Self-Title (Common) (15$ – Quebec)

– Still not Getting Any Tour Edition – Alternate Cover (Rare) (20$ – USA)

– Still Not Getting Any Dualdisc (Common) (20$ – Quebec)

– No Pads… No Helmets, just… Balls Bonus Japan Bonus (Rare) (20$ – Japan – Regular Price: 45$!)

– MTV Hard Rock Live Japanese Deluxe Fan Pack Edition (with DVD) (Super rare (The regular Deluxe can be found on eBay easily. However, the japanese deluxe with the Bonus track Promise and the DVD is super hard to find. It’s also availible on Amazon Japan, but with shipping, the price is about 60$.) (20$ – Japan – Regular Price: 60$!)

– MTV Hard Rock Live (Common) (15$ – Quebec)

– Save You (Always on iTunes) (3$)

– Your Love is a Lie (Rare) (15$ – USA)

– Untitled (Rare) (30$ as a lot, with 3 others SP CDs – Australia)

– Crazy (Rare) (30$ as a lot, with 3 others SP CDs – Australia)

– Welcome to my Life (Rare) (12$ – USA)

– Addicted (Rare) (30$ as a lot, with 3 others SP CDs – Australia)

– Addicted Pt.1 (Super Rare) (25$, as a lot with 4 others SP CDs (Nice deal!!). Won on bids. – England)

– Addicted Pt.2 (Super Rare) (25$, as a lot with 4 others SP CDs (Nice deal!!). Won on bids. – England)

– Perfect (Rare) (This is the easiest and the cheapest Single to find. – 6$ – Ontario)

– I’d do Anything Pt.1 (Very Rare) (25$, as a lot with 4 others SP CDs (Nice deal!!). Won on bids. – England)

– I’d do Anything Pt.2 (Super Rare) (25$, as a lot with 4 others SP CDs (Nice deal!!). Won on bids. – England)

– Live in Japan 2002 (Uncommon) (45$ (Yes, regular price, imported!) – Quebec (Japan Import)

– Live in Anaheim (Rare) (12$ – USA)

– iTunes Live from Montreal (With Don’t Wanna Think about you bought on iTunes on it) (Always on iTunes) (8$)

– A Big Package for You (With A Small Package for You, and the postal cards) (Uncommon) (30$ – Quebec)



I also have a SP poster not shown here:…
(With the Simple Plan logo at the bottom)

Rarity Legend:

Common: Can easily be found in stores;
Uncommon: Can be found in a few stores if we search well;
Rare: Can be found on eBay easily. Not availible in stores, unless you are very lucky.
Very rare: Availible a few times on eBay.
Super rare: Was availible only one time on eBay.

Thanks for watching, and hope you liked!


Simple Plan – About Themselves (2016) -HD-

Simple Plan – About Themselves (2016)
Simple Plan is a Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec. The band has released five studio albums: No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls (2002), Still Not Getting Any… (2004), Simple Plan (2008), Get Your Heart On! (2011), and Taking One for the Team (2016).[1] The band has also released an EP titled Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming! (2013), in addition to two live albums: Live in Japan 2002 (2003) and MTV Hard Rock Live (2005).
The band performed at the Vans Warped Tour every year from 1999 to 2005, and in 2011, 2013, and 2015. The band also performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony, along with The X Factor Australia. In December 2012, the band performed at Mood Indigo, the college festival of IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India. In 2004, the band participated in the movie New York Minute, starring the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. Simple Plan also performed at the 2016 NHL Winter Classic.