simple plan, old school

simple plan (pre-david) performing “first date”. trois-rivières 1999 (?)


A Simple Plan- Pedro The Lion

great song. I have nothing to do officially with anyone involved in it. this will probably get taken down.


Simple Plan – Everything Sucks (Lyrics)

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Listen to Simple Plan’s song “Everything Sucks” with lyrics!


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Building and Office Evacuation Training Video – Safetycare Workplace Fire Safety

There are many reasons why a building, or a group of buildings may need to be evacuated including:

• Fires
• Chemical Spills
• Toxic or Explosive Gas Releases,
• Explosions
• Violent Behaviour, and
• Bomb Threats.

The larger the building, the more organisation is required to ensure everyone is evacuated effectively and as safely as possible. But regardless of the size or type of building or buildings, or number of employees, every organisation should have a tried and tested evacuation plan.

This program covers:

• The Evacuation Plan
• The Evacuation Team
• The Chief Warden
• Your Responsibility
• Training and Practice

Every Building must have a tried and tested evacuation plan, and everyone must be familiar with it, and know their role.


Crazy – Simple Plan with Lyrics

The meaning behind this song shows no limits. It explains how selfish most of the world is today, and how greedy we can all be. Maybe we should change that.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Disclaimer –
I do not own the song “Crazy”, nor the band “Simple Plan”. I simply added the lyrics for entertainment purposes.


#SPAdvent Simple Plan – Shut Up! (Live Malaysia 2004)

I’ve decided to start a little project called “Simple Plan Advent”, to celebrate the “Taking One For The Team” album and world tour announcement and Christmas time! More than a “little project”, it’s a little gift to every Simple Plan fans!

Recently I’ve found an amount of DVD full of Simple Plan live footages from 2002 to 2005 and I’ve had the idea to share them with everyone on our channel! So, I’m gonna upload one video everyday now till’ the 24th of December! I’ve chosen the rare and old ones, videos that are really difficoult to find online or that aren’t on the web anymore!

#SPAdvent, Day 20 ????

No copyright infringement intended.


Simple Plan- (heartbreaker) Addicted

First off I don’t own anything. The pictures I got from Google images.
I got heart broken again a few weeks ago and found these quotes. I’d look at them and listen to this song. So I thought I’d combine the two and put it up on here for all of those who like simple plan and have been or are heartbroken.


Plain White T’s – 1, 2, 3, 4

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