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Best Of Linkin Park || Linkin Park Greatest Hits cover 2017

Best Of Linkin Park || Linkin Park GReatest Hits cover 2017.


One Day – Bass cover (Simple Plan)

If you are a fan of Simple Plan and a bassist; learn this song. Seriously.

Though it might be a bit hard for starters, because every single tab of this song in the internet is absolutely horrible. Normaly I use a tab to get myself started on a song and then just listen to improve or add bits, but the tabs of this song are awful. So awful infact, I am going to tab it out myself now. I can’t believe this irritates me so much.

Anyway, this song is awesome on bass. The bass line is quite loud compared to the other instruments and the verses and the ending of the bridge are just amazing (David suddenly throws in this crazy awesome fill).

Less awesome; I was gonna see them live for a second time this sunday, but on doctor’s advice Pierre can’t perform 🙁


“One day I’ll be old enough… to do, to do what I want to!”


Simple Plan – Norwich, UK Aftershow

Simple Plan hangs out backstage after show in Norwich, UK


#TeamSPTour Trailer

We’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”! Come hear the album in full on tour! Tickets and VIP upgrades at www.simpleplan.com

Our new album “Taking One For The Team” is here! Get #TeamSP NOW at www.simpleplan.com
Get the official single “Singing In The Rain” here:

Stream “Singing In The Rain” now!
Spotify: http://www.smarturl.it/SITRspotify
Amazon: http://www.smarturl.it/SITRamazon
Google Play: http://www.Smarturl.it/SITRgp


SimplePlanes Gameplay – Reaching Space? Space Shuttle, Ekranoplan & More! (Simple Planes Highlights)

Is there space in SimplePlanes…. Kind of? Welcome back to some more SimplePlanes gameplay! In this episode we check out some more of the best Simple Planes Creations that I could find made by you, the community! This episode has everything from a Space Shuttle to a huge Ekranoplan and some seriously funny animial-themed aircraft. I hope you enjoyed this episode of SimplePlanes remember to hit that like button if you would like to see more.

SimplePlanes Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEngsjAeWQXgjY_eP4q6e_XLkv9nL-4yU

About Simple Planes:
Build airplanes by snapping parts together, designing wing sections, and attaching engines. At any time, you can strap yourself into the cockpit and see how it flies with realistic physics. If you’re not in the mood for building, over 100,000 airplanes are available to download for free.

☆2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj8su0fXs_NCkUsn7Xm9N2Q
☆Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Draegast
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☆Twitter: https://twitter.com/Draegast
☆Instagram: https://instagram.com/draegastyt/

Intro: Jamie Berry – Out of My Mind
Outro: Jamie Berry & Paul Naylor – This Is For Everyone Original Mix


Your love is a lie – Simple Plan – Letra En Español

Aquí les dejo mi vídeo
Dale like
Your love is a lie
Simple Plan


Montreal band Simple Plan is ‘Taking One for the Team’

Chuck Comeau of ‘Simple Plan’ discusses how the band keeps changing their music up, but how the group has remained unchanged for 17 years.

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Simple Plan – Boom (Behind The Scenes)

Behind the scenes at New City Gas in Montreal, QC on our “Boom” video shoot from our upcoming #SPalbum5!

Watch the official video: smarturl.it/BoomVideo
Get the single here: Smarturl.it/SPBoom
Stream it here: Smarturl.it/BoomStream

Connect With Simple Plan: