#SPalbum5 Vlog #3

#SPalbum5 Vlog #3

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Untitled – Simple Plan (Karaoke)

“Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)” is a song by Canadian pop punk group Simple Plan. It was released in April 2005 as the third single from their second studio album, Still Not Getting Any…. The song’s official title, when the CD was released, was simply “Untitled”.


Interview with Simple Plan

BestFan TV Host, Rebecca Amare sits down with David and Jeff of the Canadian pop group, Simple Plan to talk about their new book, life on the road and why they chose “mature” as the one word to describe their music.

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Chrizly-Charts TOP 10: Best Of Simple Plan (So Far)

This group was formed in Montreal, Canada in 1999. They are singer Pierre Bouvier, lead-guitarrist Jeff Stinco, rhythm-guitarrist Sébastien Lefebvre, bass-guitarrist David Desrosiers and drummer Chuck Comeau. They have been nominated for the Juno-Award (the Canadian Music Award) 7 times and won twice. Three of their five albums so far have gone Platinum in their home-country, two of them received also Platinum records in Australia and the USA. So hope you enjoy this Top Ten selection.

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Simple Plan – Running Out Of Time (Lyrics)

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Listen to Simple Plan’s song “Running Out Of Time” with lyrics!

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Simple Plan @ Baltimore Soundstage 3.26.17 – Perfect NPNHJB 15 year tour

From Simple Plan’s set at the Baltimore Soundstage 3.26.17. No Pads, No Hemets, Just Balls 15 year anniversary tour


Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) Interview @ Ça Commence Bien (French) (2014)

Pierre Bouvier visited Patrick Langlois’ morning show – Ça Commence Bien. He gave an exculsive interview, where he talked about the new album, Simple Plan Foundation golf tournament and also about the recent show of Reset at Amnesia Rockfest.

For a detailed summary what he was talking about, check the best Simple Plan Fansite:

Originaly aired on 2014-06-23. This record comes from the online archive, where it was released on 2014-06-25, but only for viewers from Canada.


Simple Plan – I’m Just a Kid (live Toronto 2017)

Simple Plan – I’m Just a Kid
live @ Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
Taking One For the Team tour