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Simple Plan – The Official Story on Global Montreal

Global Montreal on the launch of Simple Plan’s book “The Official Story”.


Amasic – Canada Day show w/Simple Plan Recap (07/01/14)

? I’ll be on tour this summer with Story Untold! Check here for Tix and Dates:

We had the chance to open a show for Simple Plan on Canada Day in Brampton! Here’s a little recap of this awesome day, enjoy:)

Check out our new EP ”The Things We Say”!
Real CDs:









#SPAdvent Simple Plan – Shut Up! (Live Malaysia 2004)

I’ve decided to start a little project called “Simple Plan Advent”, to celebrate the “Taking One For The Team” album and world tour announcement and Christmas time! More than a “little project”, it’s a little gift to every Simple Plan fans!

Recently I’ve found an amount of DVD full of Simple Plan live footages from 2002 to 2005 and I’ve had the idea to share them with everyone on our channel! So, I’m gonna upload one video everyday now till’ the 24th of December! I’ve chosen the rare and old ones, videos that are really difficoult to find online or that aren’t on the web anymore!

#SPAdvent, Day 20 ????

No copyright infringement intended.


2 HOUR LONG Piano Music for Studying, Concentrating, and Focusing Playlist

For FREE Study Music, please check out my Patreon:

This is the ultimate study music playlist for concentrating, focusing, and thinking. This is a collection of almost all the piano music for studying to help concentration and focus I have written so far. The playlist include study music that I have composed since 2010-2014. This is 4 years in the making. As many of you know, I have also been in medical school for the last 4 years as well. Thus, as I listen to this playlist, I see my experiences, studies, cramming time, tests and exam anxieties, all-nighters, etc. all flash before my eyes.

For those of you who have been following me through this journey and have kept up with this channel, I would love to hear stories of what these pieces trigger in your memories.

Thank you for those who have been with me on this incredible ride of music and medicine. I hope that my music has helped you focus, concentrate, or even relax and sleep. If it has benefited you in anyway, then I would consider my efforts worth while.

And also for those who have inquired about sheet music, I do not have any. Many of these songs were recorded in the midst of my medical school obligations and studies. I barely had enough time to release them. I’m really sorry!

Thank you once again for your support in every way. Please share this with anyone who you think may need this in any capacity, whether it be studying, concentrating, help focusing and beating distractons, relaxing, drinking coffee, or even sleeping/ battling with insomnia. It is because of you guys- the students, scholars, teachers, professors, mothers, fathers, parents, professors, future doctors, lawyers, and engineers that makes the Study Music Project meaningful.

Thank you once again!

God bless,

DENNIS KUO (Composer, Pianist, Artist, Medical Student)

Study Music Project on iTunes:
SMP Album 1:
SMP Album 2:
SMP Album 3:
Get Free MP3:


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Cheque Simple Budget Planner (Android App)

Cheque provides simple, effective budgeting and planning. ↓↓
➔ App Download Cheque Free (Android):
➔ App Download Cheque Pro (Android):
➔ Find more top apps:
❤ Thanks for watching!


Drawing the Site Plan

This video shows you how to draw the site plan to include the house footprint, driveway and sidewalks.


Simple Plan – Lucky One (Lyrics) [Full Song]

Lyric video of ‘Lucky One’ by Simple Plan.
New song from 2013.
Album: Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming
I’m sorry if I made some mistakes, I hope you enjoy:))



In this video I talk about a house I designed for simple minimalist living. I think my family would love to live in this house!
Simple Full House Design #001.


Kristen Dirksen’s​ YouTube video featuring PodShare:⤵

Simple living with a family has helped us save a lot of money every year. We chose to buy a smaller house with a 15 year mortgage that we should have paid off in a total of seven years (or 3 years from now). We are following the Dave Ramsey financial plan.

Minimalism has supported our mindset and hearts to remain HAPPY even on a tight budget. We love our simple minimalist lifestyle with our family of four and probably won’t be changing much as the years go by. SIMPLE LIVING ROCKS!

Thank you for checking out my channel! ***Subscribe for FREE**** to watch my latest videos.

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Plain White T’s – 1, 2, 3, 4

The new EP “Should’ve Gone to Bed” available NOW. Download on iTunes –

Official site –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Directed by Mike Venezia