Creating a Simple Savings Plan

Another video from our series of educational videos to help you learn more about handling your finances and being a more well informed consumer. Credit Counselors Corp, is a credit & debt management company that is dedicated to helping you get out of debt.
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Simple Plan behind the scenes at Download Festival 2017

Simple Plan invited us to film their journey to the stage at Download Festival 2017

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Simple Plan – I’d Do Anything (Live in Prague, 5.3.2016)

I’d Do Anything from Simple Plan live performence in Prague on a European tour March 5, 2016. Thank You!!


Simple Plan – Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching [Official Audio]

We’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”! Come hear the album in full on tour! Tickets and VIP upgrades at

Our brand new video for our new single “Singing In The Rain” is out right NOW!

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I wanna paint it on every wall
And shout it out up and down the halls
I wanna post it in shining lights
‘Cause I just can’t keep it bottled up inside

I wanna call up every single person I know
Write a song and play it on the radio
Stick a message in a bottle then I’ll let it go
I don’t care what people might think
I got your name in permanent ink
‘Cause baby this ship ain’t never gonna sink

So kiss me
Like nobody’s watching
Yeah people are talkin’
It doesn’t matter what they say
Just kiss me
In the middle of the streets
To let the whole world see
That there’s nobody else for me

People around us are cynical
Go ahead and say that we’re typical
True love is dead, well that’s a lie
‘Cause we’ll be together ‘til the end of time

Now I’m burnin’ up I’m speaking in tongues
Listen to my heart it’s beating like a drum
I’m screaming your name at the top of my lungs
I don’t care what people might think
I got your name in permanent ink
‘Cause baby this ship ain’t never gonna sink


Simple Plan Live at Music Matters 2011 [Acoustic]

Simple Plan performing live at Music Matters, Singapore, May 2011
BTW: Simple Plan, full support from Slovenia! 🙂

02:23 – Shut Up!
06:25 – Can’t Keep My Hands Off You
11:29 – When I’m Gone
15:52 – Take My Hand
21:40 – I’d Do Anything
27:08 – Jet Lag
34:01 – Welcome To My Life

Other Simple Plan concerts:


Simple Plan – Perfect (Live @ The Forum, London 29 Nov 2008)

Simple Plan live at the Forum, Kentish Town, North London
sorry couldnt get the whole performance coz memory stick ran out of space!



We talk to the heads of three independent record labels about how to start your label, why record labels are still relevant, and why bands still need record labels to make it big in music.

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RHCP are unplugged at the Super Bowl

The Men – “Different Days”

Miley Cyrus covers Arctic Monkeys


Simple Plan llega a Monterrey

Llegada de Simple Plan al Aeropuerto de Monterrey 03 de Octubre 2012