Problem Child (Behind The Scenes) – Simple Plan

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Behind the scenes on our track “Problem Child” from our 5th studio album “Taking One For The Team” out on Feb 19th, 2016!

Problem Child Lyrics:

Here we are again
Awake at 5 AM
I didn’t mean a word I said
Can we just pretend?
I can take it back
Change the way the story ends

I remember when
Things were simple then
Didn’t always hurt this way
I would fall asleep
You would carry me
You would take my fears away

Am I messed up?
Forever flawed
Beyond repair
But forever yours

All my life
All I ever did was try and try
I never meant to be your problem child
Your problem child
I don’t know why
Always found a way to make you cry
I never meant to be your problem child
Your problem child

When you look at me
I wonder if you see
All the things you thought I could be
Or all the crazy nights
All the stupid fights
All the tears that filled our eyes


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Milhaven – A Simple Plan

Milhaven: post-rock band from Bochum, Germany

The song is included in “Bars Closing Down” (12rec. Records, 2005)

official website:


House of Lords – A Simple Plan

The song “A Simple Plan” by House of Lords, from their 2009 album Cartesian Dreams. House of Lords is an amazing hard rock band formed back in the late 80’s in Los Angeles. They’ve had plenty of time to become famous nationwide, but nobody I know of in eastern America seems to know who they are. I’ve only seen a CD of theirs in the store once. I was lucky enough to pick up this CD for $3 at my local music store, and I’d like to share a song or two with my viewers. If this goes well, I may upload a few more from this album.

DISCLAIMER: I did not make this song. I do not own any part of this video. All audio and artwork is property of James Christian and House of Lords.


Simple Plan Pictures

Hi! The Pictures And music is not mine, I Hope you enjoy watching this!


#SPAdvent Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid (Live Malaysia 2004)

I’ve decided to start a little project called “Simple Plan Advent”, to celebrate the “Taking One For The Team” album and world tour announcement and Christmas time! More than a “little project”, it’s a little gift to every Simple Plan fans!

Recently I’ve found an amount of DVD full of Simple Plan live footages from 2002 to 2005 and I’ve had the idea to share them with everyone on our channel! So, I’m gonna upload one video everyday now till’ the 24th of December! I’ve chosen the rare and old ones, videos that are really difficoult to find online or that aren’t on the web anymore!

#SPAdvent, Day 16 ????

No copyright infringement intended.


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