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Simple Plan – Just Around The Corner [lyrics]

Simple Plan – Just Around The Corner [lyrics]
Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 2011
Album: Get Your Heart On! (2011)
Font: Janda Everyday Casual


The Shins – Simple Song

The Shins’ official music video for ‘Simple Song’. Click to listen to The Shins on Spotify:

As featured on Port Of Morrow. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
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More Great Alternative Hits videos here:

More from The Shins
The Rifle’s Spiral:
So What Now:
Now Way Down:

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Well this is just a simple song
To say what you done
I told you about all those fears
And away they did run
You sure must be strong
And you feel like an ocean
Being warmed by the sun


Simple Plan en Six Flags México – Shut Up

Simple Plan armó una gran fiesta en el Teatro Chino, revive con nosotros el inicio de este espectacular concierto y no olvides checar la galería de fotos en


DIY: 5 Ways To Transform Your T-shirts

Try out these super simple and cute ways to UPCYCLE your t-shirts 🙂

The sewing machines I use:
Serger – Juki mo-1000
Sewing machine – Juki HZL-G Series

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Simple Plan help out fainting fans / Band members introduction in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany (May 28th 2017)


10 Depressing Emo Songs We Used to Love (Throwback)

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Sometimes life gets tough and the only way to make it through…well maybe not the only way…is through good music, especially those essential emo songs. So we’re taking a look back at those songs that helped us through puberty and high school and all the drama on Throwback.

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Going Down
Panic! At the Disco – I write Sins Not Tragedies
All Time Low – Dear Maria, Count Me In
Blink 182 – I Miss You
Taking Back Sunday – MakeDamnSure
Simple Plan – Perfect
Paramore – Misery Business
Say Anything – Alive with the Glory of Love
Yellowcard – Only one

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Simple Plan & Avril Lavigne (MASHUP) – Welcome To My Complicated Life

? I’ll be on tour this summer with Story Untold! Check here for Tix and Dates:


The actual girl singing in this video is Elle Lapointe and you can subscribe to her channel here:

Hey guys! I decided to do a mashup of the songs “Welcome To My Life” & “Complicated” by Simple Plan & Avril Lavigne! I hope you’ll enjoy this video and if you do, feel free to SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Thanks!


My band:



Video: Simple Plan & Avril Lavigne (MASHUP) – Welcome To My Complicated Life


Simple Plan The Official Story on CBC News

Chuck Comeau & Sebastien Lefebvre from Simple Plan interviewed about Simple Plan The Official Story on CBC News.


Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life (live in Nottingham)

Simple Plan
Welcome To My Life
Nottingham, UK
Rock City