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Loser of the Year – Simple Plan (Lyrics)

Loser of the Year
by: Simple Plan
Lyrics on Screen

I do not own the music and the image used.
All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Font used: Lane Humouresque
( Download link is )

Used Windows Live Movie Maker (Version 2011)

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Interview with Simple Plan

Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Simple Plan! A day before the release of their fifth studio album Taking One for the Team, and after goofing off for a few minutes discussing our website’s name, Chuck Comeau and Sébastien Lefebvre of pop-punk group Simple Plan‘s joined AMBY for an exclusive interview. Indulge in our conversation as we discuss taking chances, creating a mega-horrible person, taking fun photos, exotic food, tour struggles, and passionate fans.

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Simple Plan – Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching (Sydney 10/09/2016)

Simple Plan live in Sydney 10/09/2016


Your love is a lee-Simple-Plan(official video and music)

Your love is a lee-Simple-Plan(official video and music)