A Big Package For You #1 Meet Simple Plan



First Date- pre- david Simple Plan

it might really be Canadian Plan, but im not sure… anyway, enjoy!


One Day – Bass cover (Simple Plan)

If you are a fan of Simple Plan and a bassist; learn this song. Seriously.

Though it might be a bit hard for starters, because every single tab of this song in the internet is absolutely horrible. Normaly I use a tab to get myself started on a song and then just listen to improve or add bits, but the tabs of this song are awful. So awful infact, I am going to tab it out myself now. I can’t believe this irritates me so much.

Anyway, this song is awesome on bass. The bass line is quite loud compared to the other instruments and the verses and the ending of the bridge are just amazing (David suddenly throws in this crazy awesome fill).

Less awesome; I was gonna see them live for a second time this sunday, but on doctor’s advice Pierre can’t perform 🙁


“One day I’ll be old enough… to do, to do what I want to!”


Simple Plan 15th Anniversary Concert+More/My first Concert Vlog!!

Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed the video the concert was super fun! As I stated in my video I’m still going to do booktuber videos but not as much, mainly because I don’t want to be stuck in a box doing ONLY booktuber videos. Hope ya understand! If you liked this video give it a ?? and subscribe!!!

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James Comey: Trump told ‘lies, plain and simple’ – BBC News

Comey says he will not repeat his prepared remarks. A conciliatory beginning: Comey says he understands that the president holds the right to fire an FBI director at any time in their 10-year term. But he says the explanations for his sacking “confused and increasingly concerned” him. The president repeatedly told him he was doing a great job, and told others he was doing a great job. “So it confused me when I saw on television that the president fired me because of the Russia investigation…. That didn’t make sense to me.” He says the president defamed him and the FBI, saying the agency wasn’t doing its job. “Those were lies plain and simple.”

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Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life – Live NYC

Simple Plan Welcome To My Life (Live Acoustic in NYC Happy New year’s 2008)


Simple Plan – Last One Standing (Lyric Vídeo)

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Listen to Simple Plan’s song “Last One Standing” with lyrics!

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