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Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team (Album Mash-Up) | Bass Cover

Hey guys!

This is my bass cover of a mash-up/medley or whatever you wanna call it, containg parts of every song off Simple Plan’s new album ”Taking One For The Team”!

This video took about 20 hours to complete and it is an honor to be able to make it as a tribute to my longtime favourite band!

Also a BIG shoutout to my brother Tim for helping me with this video! He helped me arrange the songs, recorded and mixed the audio and he filmed and edited the video as well!

Subscribe to his channel:

His website:

Recorded at Beating Heart Studios in Stockholm, Sweden

Listen with headphones for best audio quality!

Please comment, like and subscribe!



T-Rex & Simple Plan in Ottawa

T-Rex Effects meet up with Sébastien and Jeff from Simple Plan before their February 24, 2012 arena show in Ottawa, Canada during the band’s Get Your Heart On Tour. We asked the guys a few questions about touring, their live setup, and the Simple Plan Foundation.


SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 ‘Mr. Simple’ MV

SUPER JUNIOR’s 5th Album “Mr. Simple” has been released.
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music

#SUPERJUNIOR #5thAlbum #MrSimple #release #110802


SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 ‘Mr. Simple’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


Simple Plan – MTV Hard Rock Live – I’m Just A Kid

MTV Hard Rock Live é o segundo álbum ao vivo da banda canadense Simple Plan. Foi originalmente gravado em Orlando, Flórida na primavera de 2005 como parte da série da MTV Hard Rock Live.

I’m Just A Kid

I woke up it was seven, I waited till eleven
Just to figure out that no one would call
I think I’ve got a lot of friends but
I dont hear from them
What’s another night all alone?
When you’re spending everyday on your own
And here it goes

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare
I’m just a kid I know that it’s not fair
Nobody cares
Because I’m alone and the world is having more fun than me

And maybe when the night is dead I’ll crawl into my bed
Staring at these four walls again
I’ll try to think about the last time I had a good time
Everyone’s got somewhere to go
And they’re gonna leave me here on my own
And here it goes

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare
I’m just a kid I know that it’s not fair
Nobody cares
Because I’m alone and the world is having more fun than me

What the hell is wrong with me
Don’t fit in with anybody
How did this happen to me
Wide awake, I’m bored and I can’t fall sleep
And every night is the worst night ever

I’m just a kid

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare
I’m just a kid I know that it’s not fair
Nobody cares cuz I’m alone and the world is
Nobody wants to be alone in the world

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare
I’m just a kid I know that it’s not fair
Nobody cares cuz I’m alone and the world is
Nobody wants to be alone in the world
Nobody cares cuz I’m alone and the world is
Having more fun than me tonight
I’m all alone tonight
Nobody cares tonight
Because I’m just a kid tonight


Simple Plan – One By One [HD HQ + Lyrics]

“One By One”

I remember wasting time
Watching as the planes fly by
I remember hearing the engines echoing through the sky

And they used to say
That someday you’ll forget it
You won’t hear them
And they used to say
That time goes by
That nothing changes

I won’t miss my flight again
I’m not where I belong
So give me just one chance
And one by one I’ll prove you wrong
One by one I’ll prove you wrong

I remember every night
Sitting by the runway side
I remember waiting for a reason to say goodbye

And they used to say
That someday you’ll forget it
You won’t hear them
And they used to say
The day goes by but you can’t change it


Sometimes I think I’ve been wrong
But this is the place that I think I belong
And everytime I speak my mind I’m leaving you behind

and I won’t miss my flight again
I’m not where I belong
So give me just one chance
And one by one I’ll prove you wrong

I won’t miss my flight again
I’m not where I belong
So give me just one chance
And one by one I’ll prove you wrong
one by one I’ll prove you wrong
one by one I’ll prove you wrong
one by one I’ll prove you wrong


Plain White T’s – Rhythm Of Love

The new EP “Should’ve Gone to Bed” available NOW. Download on iTunes –

Official site –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Directed by Mike Venezia



We talk to the heads of three independent record labels about how to start your label, why record labels are still relevant, and why bands still need record labels to make it big in music.

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RHCP are unplugged at the Super Bowl

The Men – “Different Days”

Miley Cyrus covers Arctic Monkeys