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Simple Plan Studio Vlog

You were asking where everyone was, well we’re all here in LA in the studio recording the third album.


Simple Plan – Farewell | “Taking One For The Team Tour”. MÉRIDA 2016.

Simple Plan – Farewell |”Taking One For The Team Tour”. MÉRIDA, COLISEO YUCATÁN. 2016 #fanexperience

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*The Song is the Property of Simple Plan and the respective third parties.


/Simply Plans -ᶜᶤʳˢᵗᵉᶰ ᶜˡᵃʳᵏ-

[You want it all to have mattered]
I can not beleive how fast time flys I mean it feels like a few days ago I was jumping my first jump and now in 5 days I’m turning EIGHTEEN? I still can’t beleive it I don’t want to grow up I want to go back to simpler times.

This video.. wow this video means EVERYTHING to me absolutly everything this is THE most meaningful video (to me) that I have made so far even though its fairly short it just has EVERYTHING in there!

This quote is EVERYTHING to me it truly means so much because when your little everything is so much more simple you don’t have to make those life changing decisions that you have to when you get older, and when your young your just so brave like nothing in the world can hurt you and you don’t really know what a broken heart feels like when you have a horse by your side then when you grow up things change you have to make those big decisions that can change your life and those plans you make just sometimes never work out you think your going in a certain direction then you go a completely different one & all those horses I showed in that part “are just simply plans” those are all horses I had a plan to go somewhere with I had a future in mind & they all turned out to just be plans with great memories.

► Camera used: Sony HD AVCHD handycam
► Editor used: Sony Vegas Pro 10
► Song: Holding on and letting go
► Deeper meaning: SO much meaning


Entrevista a Pierre Bouvier de Simple Plan (2016) / Interview with Pierre Bouvier (2016)

Pierre Bouvier, líder de la formación canadiense Simple Plan, se pasó por los estudios radiofónicos de MariskalRock para responder el cuestionario de Juan Destroyer.

Unos días antes de su gira peninsular, el vocalista desgrana los detalles de ‘Taking One For The Team’ (Warner Music, 2016), su último lanzamiento discográfico.

Pierre Bouvier, the leader of the canadian band Simple Plan, came to our broadcasting studio and answered the cuestionary of our host Juan Destroyer.

A few days before starting his Spanish Tour, the singer explained to the audience the details of ‘Taking One For The Team’ (Atlantic Records, 2016), the latest album of Simple Plan.


Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie (Unedited/ Explicit/ Dirty)

Your Love Is A Lie by Simple Plan (2008) This single is explicit/ unedited


Build a Simple Web Dynpro ABAP Application, Floor Plan Manager FPM/OVP Configuration (PART 14)

This tutorial shows how you can create a FPM/OVP Configuration, how to embed a component in this FPM Configuration, which needs to implement the IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK and this Component is called an UIBB in the FPM Configuration.