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Thank you guys for watching my tutorial on how to make a super lame, but simple planner! make sure to give some feedback!

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Simple Plan en Six Flags México – Shut Up

Simple Plan armó una gran fiesta en el Teatro Chino, revive con nosotros el inicio de este espectacular concierto y no olvides checar la galería de fotos en


Looking for a New FEMALE Band Member?! – An Interview w/ Simple Plan

987 The Bright Side’s very own Sonia Chew managed to catch Simple Plan prior to their concert here in Singapore! Find out who’s the biggest eater, who has the best pick up lines, and is Simple Plan looking for a new female band member?!


Simple Plan Pt 1 – Girlfriends, Grabbing Slash’s Package

Part 2:
Part 3:

Simple Plan talks with musicologist Brian Adler (Adlercast).


Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life [Lyrics English – Español Subtitulado]

No Copyright Infringement Intended
Simple Plan Welcome To My Life Lyrics On Screen
Simple Plan Welcome To My Life Subtitulado en Español
Subtitulada en Español, Traducida en español e ingles
Español Traducida Lyrics Traduccion Subtitulos


Chady Awad favorite moments from Simple Plan’s Canadian Tour

Directed by: Chady Awad


Simple Plan on the legacy of pop punk and heavy music at Download Festival 2017

Simple Plan spoke to The Pit at Download Festival 2017 about the longevity of heavy music and pop punk and it’s future.

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Simple Plan’s latest album ‘Taking One For The Team’ is out now:


Jet Lag (ft Eve Michele) – Simple Plan [Live in Perth, Australia]

Remember that time I sang with Simple Plan… oh.

There goes my #1 bucket list accomplishment. Don’t ask how it happened. It’s a long story that started with Pierre asking me to sing with him years ago because I could speak a bit of French and I chickened out at the time. So, I grew some balls a few years later and did it this time.

Haha, so much sexual innuendo from everyone.

I’m a bit cracked, because well, my in-ears didn’t work – I actually had Pierre’s mic mix in my ear instead of my own mic so I couldn’t hear myself at all, so I winged it as a deaf person. I promise i’m a fuckload more in key usually. Next time I’ll get my own mix, right Pierre? 😉

And I seriously never said anything about Jenna! Hahaha. At the start, David is talking about the guitar pick I have around my neck that says ‘fist me’.