Simple Plan no Rio de Janeiro (Circo Voador, 2016)

Simple Plan se apresentou no Circo Voador em dezembro de 2016 e trouxe toda sua energia para todos os empolgados!

00:33 Entrevista Chuck Comeau

Realização: Queremos! e 1440 pedidos

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Simple Plan – Shut Up! Live Toronto 2015

Simple Plan played in the much music parking lot for the Womens Fifa world cup tour


Simple Plan – Behind-The-Scenes Footage (from Still Not Getting Any…).mov


One Day – Bass cover (Simple Plan)

If you are a fan of Simple Plan and a bassist; learn this song. Seriously.

Though it might be a bit hard for starters, because every single tab of this song in the internet is absolutely horrible. Normaly I use a tab to get myself started on a song and then just listen to improve or add bits, but the tabs of this song are awful. So awful infact, I am going to tab it out myself now. I can’t believe this irritates me so much.

Anyway, this song is awesome on bass. The bass line is quite loud compared to the other instruments and the verses and the ending of the bridge are just amazing (David suddenly throws in this crazy awesome fill).

Less awesome; I was gonna see them live for a second time this sunday, but on doctor’s advice Pierre can’t perform 🙁


“One day I’ll be old enough… to do, to do what I want to!”


Simple Plan’s perfect – live concert during Mood Indigo 2012.

A ‘perfect’ treat by Simple Plan at Mood Indigo, 2012 – Asia’s largest college festival
This is what the crowd is singing.
“‘Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I’m sorry
I can’t be perfect
Now it’s just too late and
We can’t go back
I’m sorry
I can’t be perfect” Visit us at
Twitter: Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay


Simple Plan – Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching (Brisbane 11/09/2016)

Simple Plan live in Brisbane 11/09/2016


Simple Plan – Untitled [Gala de l’Adisq 2006] Legendado em Português e inglês

Simple Plan
Gala de l’Adisq 2006
Legendado em Português e inglês


Simple Plan – BOOM! (Sydney 10/09/2016)

Simple Plan in Sydney 10/09/2016


Simple Plan – I’d Do Anything (Live at HOB Anaheim)

Simple Plan playing I’d Do Anything at House of Blues Anaheim, 4/13/17 for their 15th Anniversary of No Pads, No Helmet… Just Balls Tour.