Cast OTH: Addicted (Simple Plan)

In this video, I wanted to show how addicted I am to One Tree Hill, with ones of the best moments in the 5 seasons!!
I know some great scenes are missing but I hope you’re gonna enjoy it!

Song: Addicted by Simple Plan

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN One Tree Hill or the song. No copyright infringement intended. just made for fun, no profit.


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Simple Plan – You Don’t Mean Anything To Me Live

Simple Plan performing You Don’t Mean Anything To Me at Warped Tour 2003


Simple Plan – SUMMER PARADISE feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK(Lyric Video)


この楽曲は、世界的に大ヒットしたシングル”SUMMER PARADISE”(オーストラリア、カナダでプラチナx2 、EU圏数か国でプラチナ&ゴールド獲得)になんと、ONE OK ROCKのフロントマンであるTakaがフィーチャリング・アーティストとして参加した話題の楽曲!



ONE OK ROCK official site :
ONE OK ROCK 「Clock Strikes」 :


Simple Plan are so excited to return to Japan for Punk Spring 2013, they’ve called on their friend Taka from ONE OK ROCK to collaborate for a Japanese version of Summer Paradise!
You can watch the lyric video for “Summer Paradise ft. Taka from ONE OK ROCK” right now!
Gather some friends and get whisked away to paradise!


Simple Plan – Perfectly Perfect (Lyrics)

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Listen to Simple Plan’s song “Perfectly Perfect” with lyrics!

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Simple Plan Explain SPO Contest

Simple Plan explain the rules and prize for the 2008 Fan Competition


How Could This Happen To Me (with lyrics)

I do not own this song, How Could This Happen to Me. This song belongs to Simple Plan.