Health Insurance Coverage 101 – the Basics Explained in Two Minutes Health Insurance Coverage 101 – the Basics Explained in Two Minutes

We know insurance jargon can be confusing and consumers may have a hard time cutting through the clutter. In order to make informed decisions about health coverage and ensure patients have access to needed services and treatments, knowing the language of insurance is critical. That’s why we created a back-to-basics video walking through some basic insurance terms.


Band of Brothers, Untitled – Simple plan

Music video from Band of Brothers with the music from Simple Plan.

Song is called Untitled.


Simple Plan – Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching [Official Audio]

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I wanna paint it on every wall
And shout it out up and down the halls
I wanna post it in shining lights
‘Cause I just can’t keep it bottled up inside

I wanna call up every single person I know
Write a song and play it on the radio
Stick a message in a bottle then I’ll let it go
I don’t care what people might think
I got your name in permanent ink
‘Cause baby this ship ain’t never gonna sink

So kiss me
Like nobody’s watching
Yeah people are talkin’
It doesn’t matter what they say
Just kiss me
In the middle of the streets
To let the whole world see
That there’s nobody else for me

People around us are cynical
Go ahead and say that we’re typical
True love is dead, well that’s a lie
‘Cause we’ll be together ‘til the end of time

Now I’m burnin’ up I’m speaking in tongues
Listen to my heart it’s beating like a drum
I’m screaming your name at the top of my lungs
I don’t care what people might think
I got your name in permanent ink
‘Cause baby this ship ain’t never gonna sink


Entrevista a Pierre Bouvier de Simple Plan (2016) / Interview with Pierre Bouvier (2016)

Pierre Bouvier, líder de la formación canadiense Simple Plan, se pasó por los estudios radiofónicos de MariskalRock para responder el cuestionario de Juan Destroyer.

Unos días antes de su gira peninsular, el vocalista desgrana los detalles de ‘Taking One For The Team’ (Warner Music, 2016), su último lanzamiento discográfico.

Pierre Bouvier, the leader of the canadian band Simple Plan, came to our broadcasting studio and answered the cuestionary of our host Juan Destroyer.

A few days before starting his Spanish Tour, the singer explained to the audience the details of ‘Taking One For The Team’ (Atlantic Records, 2016), the latest album of Simple Plan.


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Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie – Live in Frankfurt, Germany – TOFTT-Tour 2016

Simple Plan performing “Your Love Is A Lie” live in Frankfurt, Germany during the second Lag of the Taking One For The Team Tour.


Can you keep found money? Money In The Movies Reviews A Simple Plan

Suppose you found a bag of money on the street. Could you keep it? (The answer is MAYBE!) Would you have to tell the police? The IRS? Has this ever happened before? What about buried treasure? Could you keep that?

All this and more is answer in this episode of Money in the Movies where I review “A Simple Plan.”