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Hi There, I Posted This Video Is Specially For My Uncle Who Was In The Hospital Due Of Cancer, Unfortunaly He Died At Home, To His Last Breath. R I P

Remember to write all of your hopes or wishes on this video if you like.

Simple Plan Group Message:

We are very proud to present to you our video for “Save You”. What originally inspired this song was Pierre’s brother’s battle with cancer. About 3 years ago, Jay was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphatic cancer. After 2 years of extremely difficult chemotherapy treatments, he learned that the cancer was gone for now and that he was in remission. After being told he had a 50-50 chance to come out of this alive, he had won his battle.

Because this happened to someone so close to us, we felt that, as a band, we had to do something to help. We had to get involved and use our voice to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

We wanted this video to tell his story and the ones of all cancer survivors. We want to show how strong people can be when facing adversity and hardship and how resilient the human mind and body can be. We wanted to relay a message of hope, survival and courage.

With the assistance of iTunes, Lava/Atlantic, and Warner/Chappell Music, all proceeds from each downloaded sale will be distributed to cancer charities around the world, through the Simple Plan Foundation. “Save You” – which is also found on our self-titled third studio album “Simple Plan” – can be purchased on iTunes here: U.S. | Canada

We wish to send out a special thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this video, the production crew, the Leucan Association, and all the survivors that took time out of their busy schedules to be part of this very special message. You are an inspiration to us all!

We hope that with your assistance, you can help us beat cancer.

Thank you
Simple Plan


Simple Plan: Six String Stories

We had the chance to sit down with Jeff Stinco of Simple Plan, and hear about his unique playing style, his influences while learning how to play at age 12, and everything in between.

What was your first guitar?

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Simple Plan – Hits Medley 1

A medley of Simple Plan hits, from their four studio albums:

– No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls
– Still Not Getting Any…
– Simple Plan
– Get Your Heart On!

Get them in stores, or download from your favourite digital music store:

– M1 Music Store: http://music.m1.com.sg/web/main/viewArtist.jsp?id=11390
– SingTel AMPed: http://www.singtelamped.com/artist/660524
– SingTel Music Store: www.ideas.singtel.com
– StarHub Music Store: http://music.starhub.com
– Nokia Music Store: http://music.ovi.com/sg/en/pc/Artist/Simple-Plan/292484/frmArtist.aspx?item_id=116238


Reinforcing of simple RCC Foundation Plan in Revit 2016.

Reinforcing of simple RCC Foundation Plan in Revit structural 2016


Simple Plan at the Playstation Theater in New York City – Vlog 24

We got to see Simple Plan on their No Pads, No Helmets Just Balls 15th Anniversary Tour and it was a trip down pop punk memory lane!

What especially made this concert a completely awesome experience was that in between band sets they played pop punk music from the 2000s. Everyone in that room was singing along to Panic! At The Disco, Sum 41, Green Day, Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, The Used; just all your favorite songs from those middle school days.

Seaway and Set It Off both did a great job at hyping everyone up for Simple Plan. They really complemented them and it didn’t feel like you had to wait long for the headliner to take the stage.

We’ve never actually been to a concert where the band plays their album in its entirety and we definitely picked the right band and album. Simple Plan’s debut album, No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls, is filled with pop punk hits like “Perfect”, “I’d Do Anything”, “I’m Just A Kid” and “Addicted.” It’s a no brainer that it’d be a nostalgic night.

If you know every Simple Plan album like we do, you probably already have tickets to see them on this tour, but if you don’t…what are you doing!?

Go get tickets to the NPNHJB Tour and see Simple Plan!!
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Song: Cloud Ten
Artist: Fareoh
Video link: https://youtu.be/OeflcuLpSfw

Song: Get Off!
Artist: Spleen’s Covers
Video link: https://youtu.be/DernUQZvy68

Song: Teenage
Artist: Right Beat Radio
Video link: https://youtu.be/ce5KbCTfHoA

Song: Rejected
Artist: Spleen’s Covers
Video link: https://youtu.be/buoc0oZytfY


2 HOUR LONG Piano Music for Studying, Concentrating, and Focusing Playlist

For FREE Study Music, please check out my Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/studymusicproject

This is the ultimate study music playlist for concentrating, focusing, and thinking. This is a collection of almost all the piano music for studying to help concentration and focus I have written so far. The playlist include study music that I have composed since 2010-2014. This is 4 years in the making. As many of you know, I have also been in medical school for the last 4 years as well. Thus, as I listen to this playlist, I see my experiences, studies, cramming time, tests and exam anxieties, all-nighters, etc. all flash before my eyes.

For those of you who have been following me through this journey and have kept up with this channel, I would love to hear stories of what these pieces trigger in your memories.

Thank you for those who have been with me on this incredible ride of music and medicine. I hope that my music has helped you focus, concentrate, or even relax and sleep. If it has benefited you in anyway, then I would consider my efforts worth while.

And also for those who have inquired about sheet music, I do not have any. Many of these songs were recorded in the midst of my medical school obligations and studies. I barely had enough time to release them. I’m really sorry!

Thank you once again for your support in every way. Please share this with anyone who you think may need this in any capacity, whether it be studying, concentrating, help focusing and beating distractons, relaxing, drinking coffee, or even sleeping/ battling with insomnia. It is because of you guys- the students, scholars, teachers, professors, mothers, fathers, parents, professors, future doctors, lawyers, and engineers that makes the Study Music Project meaningful.

Thank you once again!

God bless,

DENNIS KUO (Composer, Pianist, Artist, Medical Student)


Study Music Project on iTunes:
SMP Album 1: http://bit.ly/music4themind
SMP Album 2: http://bit.ly/cramsession
SMP Album 3: http://bit.ly/all-nighter
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Simple Plan – No Love Tradução

Não está perfeito pois é meu primeiro vídeo de tradução. espero que gostem.