Moncton – Canadian Tour Day 4

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Simple Plan reach Moncton on their Canadian tour


Jet Lag (ft Eve Michele) – Simple Plan [Live in Perth, Australia]

Remember that time I sang with Simple Plan… oh.

There goes my #1 bucket list accomplishment. Don’t ask how it happened. It’s a long story that started with Pierre asking me to sing with him years ago because I could speak a bit of French and I chickened out at the time. So, I grew some balls a few years later and did it this time.

Haha, so much sexual innuendo from everyone.

I’m a bit cracked, because well, my in-ears didn’t work – I actually had Pierre’s mic mix in my ear instead of my own mic so I couldn’t hear myself at all, so I winged it as a deaf person. I promise i’m a fuckload more in key usually. Next time I’ll get my own mix, right Pierre? 😉

And I seriously never said anything about Jenna! Hahaha. At the start, David is talking about the guitar pick I have around my neck that says ‘fist me’.


Simple Plan – Chapters-Indigo Book Signing

Simple Plan will be hosting a book signing at Chapters-Indigo Downtown Toronto (142 John Street) on Sunday December 2nd at 3pm!

Check out the Simple Plan Feature Chapters Store here:

Find all the details for Sunday’s signing here:

Connect With Simple Plan:



Simple Plan – Problem Child [Official Audio]

We’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”! Come hear the album in full on tour! Tickets and VIP upgrades at

Our brand new video for our new single “Singing In The Rain” is out right NOW!

#TeamSP is available 02.19.16! Get it NOW at

Problem Child Lyrics:

Here we are again
Awake at 5 AM
I didn’t mean a word I said
Can we just pretend?
I can take it back
Change the way the story ends

I remember when
Things were simple then
Didn’t always hurt this way
I would fall asleep
You would carry me
You would take my fears away

Am I messed up?
Forever flawed
Beyond repair
But forever yours

All my life
All I ever did was try and try
I never meant to be your problem child
Your problem child
I don’t know why
Always found a way to make you cry
I never meant to be your problem child
Your problem child

When you look at me
I wonder if you see
All the things you thought I could be
Or all the crazy nights
All the stupid fights
All the tears that filled our eyes


Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie Live @ Bristol

O2 Academy Bristol Simple Plan performing Your Love is A Lie


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