Blink 182 Confirms Album Release Date

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We’ve finally got some confirmed details when it comes to the new Blink album! Stay tuned!
Hey there friends, welcome back to ClevverMusic, I’m your host Bridget Daly. After months of speculation it looks like we’ve finally got a release date we can cling to for the next Blink 182 album! The band’s member Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus spoke with Palm Beach Florida radio station today 95.5, and confirmed that their new album will drop in September! DeLonge said quote, “we’ll be dropping the album right smack-dab in the middle of the tour, sometime in September, I believe.”
They also said they’ll be releasing a lot of their new music before they hit the road, so fans can look forward to that. And apparently the album name has been chosen or at least narrowed down, but they’re staying mum on it for now. What Tom DID say was quote, “The name I want really bad I saw on a adult film list at a hotel. Not that I watch them, or have the audacity to read the titles. But I did.” In addition to the tour they’re doing with My Chemical Romance and the new album, their documentary called Blinkumentary, which has been in the works for the past few years, will be released this fall as well. Lots to get stoked about, so let us know what you’re most excited about–the tour, album, or the documentary. Make sure to stay posted on more music news by subbing our channel! I’m Bridget Daly signing off for ClevverMusic!


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best underground instrumental rap hip hop old school from the 90's music from the outskirts

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