TOM DELONGE LEFT BLINK 182? | Rocknroller

TOM DELONGE LEFT BLINK 182? | Rocknroller

So I guess Blink 182 broke up.. Long story short: If Tom left Blink 182, is leaving or whatever he is doing, he just have to be clear about stuff because this is driving me crazy. If he is just being honest I’m fine with that. If he don’t want to work on Blink 182, I’m cool with that too. (I still would be sad but hey, stuff like that happens). The reason why I think this is mostly Tom, is because he barely promote Blink 182 on his social media. It’s always about AVA and other stuff. Which is cool. But please just be clear for the fans.

If you are not a Blink 182 fan please don’t watch this video or leave a mean comment. Also, if you don’t like bands you probably don’t understand how people feel about their favourite band breaking up so don’t leave a comment about that either. I just wanted to talk about this because it’s my all time favourite band and I’m just sad. I’m also bad at explaining things and I’m sure I don’t even said everything I wanted to say. My head is everywhere right now so PLEASE BE NICE.

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