Scare Chords – Act 1 – Scene 2 – Post-Punk

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Post-Punk / Shoegaze / Ambient / Post-Rock from Germany


Band: Scare Chords
Album: Act 1
Genre: Post Punk / Shoegaze / Ambient / Post-Rock
Country: Germany
Year: 2016


Baddasseries @ Jake’s Birthday Ho Down, Don Pedro, August 3, 2012 PUNK

Baddasseries played this tribute to Don Pedro’s booker, Mr. Jake ‘Noodles’ Winn (on vox) for his birthday.



Punk La Laguna Tenerife Canarias

Speedmatics Lili -guitarra voz, Jonay – Guitarra , Peña -Batería ,Ojo Trueno -Bajo


Deadmau5 vs Daft Punk Mega Mix 2 (Daft Punk Sneak Peek Mix)

Like I said before….the mix is not dead! Hope you all enjoy this little sneak peek of the mix that so many people waited for. Until I release the full mix, I will see you then ;D

1. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 & Glenn Morrison Remix)
2. Daft Punk – DAFENDIRKET (The Windolls Remix) w/ Daft Punk – Phoenix
3. Daft Punk – Fresh (DJ Somiak Remix)
4. Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (Ditto Groove Edit)
5. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Joe Maz Remix)
6. Daft Punk – Around The World (PRA3 & Solar Shock Remix)
7. Daft Punk vs Avicii – Derezzed (DANK Remix)
8. Daft Punk – One More Time (Delirious & Alex K Bootleg) w/ Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix)
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Beyond the Rush — Rock/Alternative — Royalty Free Music

Download Music:
**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.**

Slightly tired folks. I will write a description tomorrow.

I hope you like it. 🙂

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Escuchá y descargá este álbum desde ó


Quebrada mi alma está
quisiera no entender
que todo terminó aunque fué para bien
Pero esto es así, soltar y seguir
Mil veces caeré, mil lecciones tendré

Pensar hacia donde voy
me ubica en quién soy
Tranquilo porque sé que hice mis cosas bien

Parece que fué ayer
en mi mente fué ayer
Parece que fué ayer

Y empiezo a avanzar, lo bueno viene ya
Te suelto y a avanzar

Mis recuerdos con vos nunca olvidaré
pero esto es un adiós
Te quiero y que estés bien


IQ 200 New Wave Vorbei

IQ 200 waren sieben junge Musiker aus Bonn-Bad Godesberg, die Band IQ 200 wurde in den frühen 80gern gegründet und hatten sich dem New Wave verschrieben. Die Band löste sich allerdings nach 4 Monaten wieder auf, da mangels Proberaum keine Proben mehr möglich waren. Die Aufnahmen wurden mit einem damals hochwertigem Stereo-Tonband aufgenommen.
Ein akustischer Leckerbissen des damaligen aufkommenden New Waves.


Punk Bekasi-Tidurlah

Sebatas Hiburan !!!!!!


INTERVIEW: Playwright Simon Stephens – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

© University of Salford / Quays News 2011 – 2015


#102 Strung Out “Bring Out Your Dead” + “Soulmate” (NUFAN) @ Punk Rock Holiday (10/08/2016) Tolmin

Este tema forma parte del concierto que Strung Out ofreció el tercer día del festival Punk Rock Holiday que tuvo lugar el 10 de agosto del 2016 en un entorno paradisíaco como son las inmediaciones del Soča River en Tolmin, Eslovenia.

PlayLIST [All-IN] x150:
“nrK7 (Punk Rock Holiday): Viaje al paraíso del Punk Rock”

00:00 “Bring Out Your Dead” es el tema 05 del disco “Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues” (1996)
04:02 “Soulmate” es una versión de (No Use for a Name) el tema 07 del disco “Live In A Dive” (2001) aunque apareció primero como segundo tema del recopilatorio “Punk Sucks” (1995)
——————– Lyrics: ——————–

One brief recollection of all the
People in my life that have
Come and gone
One brief fleeting moment of
People I’ve loved and people that
I have wronged
Long lost are loved ones gone
But this bird cannot seem to
Mend it’s broken wings so the
Lust for life dissipated and
A new greed rises for the
Needful things.
Don’t wanna think about it,
I indulge myself
Distraction eases pain, bury my
Emotions to protect myself.
Till I can’t feel a fucking thing
I’ve dared to dream I’ve tried to live
But I’ve played it safe again
Just another slave to my vices now
Bring out your dead
Voices wither and crack then die
Ringin’ in my ear would sing me
Soft asleep
Deathly silence now is all I hear
Has inspiration finally eluded me
My addiction, my illness, my only
Trusted friend
My addiction my illness my only
Childhood fiend.
Your twisted warm embrace
Engulfing all I tried to be
My body’s breaking under
Arms that will not set me free
Locked in this cage that I’ve
Built myself
Constructed out of twisted cold
Reminders of a Life once lost
But I’ve found my way again.
Here among the wreckage and the vampires
I’ll play it safe again, just another
Slave to my vices now.


Monday morning you woke up crying,
The outcome of a stupid line, oh,
Said by some punk-ass on the street.

It wasn’t me, it wasn’t you,
It wasn’t anybody you knew, is it
Your old friend insecurity?

The one companion
That stuck by your side since you were born.

Tuesday night you were in a fight,
The same old argument, black and white.
It’s something that’s eating your inside.

It’s not the food, it’s not the booze,
It isn’t anything consumed so is it
Becoming a problem you can’t hide?

And all those times
You thought that you were wrong, you were right.

The devil on your shoulder
Gives you strength and paranoia,
The countless times you called a few.

Your best friend ’til the end of time,
They’ll always be there by your side.
Solidify conditions you’ve abused.

What that means you’ll never have a clue.

More than just a lifelong friend,
No social life, I guess we can pretend,
It’s not like I care but anyway…

You always wanna leave, you never wanna stay,
‘Cause you think if you drink too much then you will lose it,
You’ll drink your security away.

The one companion
That stuck by your side since you were born.

The little voice inside your head,
Annoying and confusing,
That somehow tells you what to do.

Socially you’ve lost your mind
And basically you’re out of time.
You try to build so much it breaks on you.

What that means you’ll never have a clue.

What that means you’ll never have a,
What that means you’ll never have a,
What that means you’ll never have a clue.

Strung Out es una banda de punk procedente de Simi Valley, California (EEUU), formada en 1989. Son conocidos por su estilo en el que mezclan aspectos del punk rock, hardcore melódico, rock progresivo y heavy metal. Técnicos y agresivos, y aun así melódicos y emocionales, han emergido como una de las bandas más fuertes y creativas del punk melódico de su escena local.

Strung Out:

Punk Rock Holiday:
*The best Punk Rock party on the most amazing location in the World!

1) Registrado – Sony MV1 (Audio)

1st Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
2nd Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
3th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
4th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
5th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):