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How to become a ciber-punk star. Instructions:
download fireTheDj (punk mode) app from the android market.
Then you can play live music with your tablet or smartphone collaboratively and synchronized with other people.
Choose an instument that emulates drums, bass, guitar, microphone… then via wifi connect and sync your music performance with other devices…
download it for free at the android market:


Vanemõde – Kung Fu (Punk Fu)

15.05.2015, Türi.


First with new camos “UK Punk” leftovers

Hey whats going on guys! I hit this yesterday late last night and I thought I would upload just make me feel cool :]. Im just kidding but this could have been a good shot if everything went right but whatever You cans can here me pissed off in the reaction 30 likes?



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Free Alternative Punk Music HumaHuma Grassy Hill No Copyright Music

Thanks for watching ^_^
NoCopyrightMusic ✔️

Free music is music that, like free software, can freely be copied, distributed and modified for any purpose. Thus free music is either in the public domain or licensed under a free license by the artist or copyright holder themselves, often as a method of promotion. It does not mean that there should be no fee involved. The word free refers to freedom (as in free software), not to price.

The Free Music Philosophy generally encourages creators to free music using whatever language or methods they wish. A Free Music Public License (FMPL) is available for those who prefer a formal approach. Some free music is licensed under licenses that are intended for software (like the GPL) or other writings (the GFDL). But there are also licenses especially for music and other works of art, such as EFF’s Open Audio License, LinuxTag’s Open Music License, the Free Art license and some of the Creative Commons Licences.

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Paint Fumes @ Don Pedro, Brooklyn, January 12, 2012 Garage Punk

Paint Fumes’ first NYC show. Follow the Paint Fumes on GaragePunkNYC:


The Storm band live

The band “the Storm” playing live at a benefit concert for baby Halle in KY. Video courtesy of


Amness – Control



Police Control – Adrénaline

Song from the first POLICE CONTROL EP, a French Parisian Punk Band.
Out on Juvenile Delinquent records and Gone with the weed


Rock Art and Fossil Fuels

Wyoming’s natural resources have attracted people and development since prehistoric times. In many places you can see ancient lad use in close proximity to modern industry.

Exploring the Nature of Wyoming is produced by:
University of Wyoming Extension
Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources


Mustang Punk Rock @ Óxido Bar 24-11-2011 Part 2

Mustang Punk Rock @ Óxido Bar 24-11-2011 Part 2 of 4
Un regalito para nuestros amigos!!! (a gift 4 all our friends!!!)
5- Goliat
6- All i want (The offspring cover)
7- Intro
8- Sin verte más


Complete Playlist
1- JackassTheme
2- Stpe
3-Alguna vez
5- Goliat
6- All i want (The offspring cover)
7- Intro
8- Sin verte más
10- Quijote
11- Modern Man (Bad Religion Cover)
12- Mejor que yo
13- El pueblo