Abrids – stale (alternative rock / grunge)

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Abrids is a single member band that do DIY alternative rock.
All songs and albums are composed, recorded with real wood instruments, and mixed by Abrids

Genre : Alternative rock, grunge, indierock,
Album : 7 (2014)

Full album on http://www.abrids.com/albums/part-7/
High quality album (flac, wav) freely avalaible on : http://www.delpot.com/telechargement-musique/





NEFFEX – Never Hold Back ? [Copyright Free]

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punk rock and cobain is how we grew up
kroq was insane I was such a screw up
the 90s held such better times
weezer, blink, rage against and of course sublime!
I had a crush in school
oh man she was so fine
I had a couple dudes
we’d kick it every night
we’d drink a couple booze
and get into a fight
if I could go back to that
man I’d be alright

yea I’d take it all back for you
I’ve been beaten up black and blue
yea I know what I have to do
never hold back
never hold back
that’s the truth

yea the good times
man they never last
so recognize when your in em and not the past
screw school and class
just get a pass
c’s get degrees
you got a life to have
roll up to the party in a hummer limo
girls sippin on Bacardi turn em into nympho’s
already getting started freshmen in limbo
Snapchat a little hottie and play out your demo!

we’re the type of kids who want to stay young forever
we don’t do what we don’t want we do it all, for pleasure
liquor over lectures
bigger over lesser
never gonna say never
we go out whenever
drinking way too much pass out again
wake up the next day with a few more friends
ill do it all again
i hope this never ends
cuz memories are the key to a time well spent

yea I’d take it all back for you
I’ve been beaten up black and blue
yea I know what I have to do
never hold back
never hold back
that’s the truth

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Iron Cypher – Blame It on the Rock ‘n’ Roll

Recorded in Fremantle and Cottesloe on the 10th of January 2015
HD available
debut album available for free download


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Sup everyone, hitting you up with a new series called punk to pro, where i go up through the ranks in FFA while doing challenges along the way, e.g melee only. Inspired by my buddy Rhippin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9BtTUv4ozkRCISb801YS0Q

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Green Day – American Idiot Global Citizen festival New York City

Green Day – American Idiot Global Citizen festival New York City.


Mustang Punk Rock @ Óxido Bar 24-11-2011 Part 2

Mustang Punk Rock @ Óxido Bar 24-11-2011 Part 2 of 4
Un regalito para nuestros amigos!!! (a gift 4 all our friends!!!)
5- Goliat
6- All i want (The offspring cover)
7- Intro
8- Sin verte más


Complete Playlist
1- JackassTheme
2- Stpe
3-Alguna vez
5- Goliat
6- All i want (The offspring cover)
7- Intro
8- Sin verte más
10- Quijote
11- Modern Man (Bad Religion Cover)
12- Mejor que yo
13- El pueblo


Gothic Shoe Collection

I hope you all enjoy seeing my shoes and style

1st pair: Demonia (bought them off of ebay so unsure of what they’re called)
2nd pair: https://www.alternative-footwear.co.uk/victorian-120-black-matte-lace-up-calf-boots.html
3rd pair: Flats from New Look in the sale
4th pair: Primark
5th pair: New Rock https://www.newrockonline.com/en/m-1043-c1-bootees-m8.html
6th pair: H&M Sale
7th pair: Primark
8th pair: Ebay similar: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WOMENS-LADIES-FLAT-PLATFORM-WEDGE-LACE-UP-GOTH-PUNK-CREEPERS-SHOES-BOOTS-SIZE-/181417834165?var=480393005998&hash=item2a3d5876b5:g:jWoAAOSwVllXHU9h
9th pair: boohoo (4/5 years ago!)
10th pair: New Look sale
11th pair: H&M sale
12th pair: Primark sale
13th pair: Demonia Swing 815 https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-Womens-Swing-815-Knee-High-Boot/dp/B00569FHSA
14th pair: Primark
15th pair: Primark
16th pair: Ebay

Sorry a lot of these shoes were bought a long time ago and so won’t be able to be bought for yourselves. At least this video can offer a lil inspiration?

I love you all, my creatures of the night

Wanna stalk me?
Instagram: Macabre_goddess
Twitter: macabre_goddess
Snapchat: dixieplumpixie


PUNK ROCK JALANAN kusimpan rindu dihati(Ari pratama)

PUNK ROCK JALANAN – kusimpan rindu dihati(Ari pratama)