Astrocade: Biorhythms

If you weren’t alive then, you probably think the 70s were all disco, punk rock and variety shows. No, it really was predominately psuedoscience on subjects such as U.F.O.s, past lives and E.S.P. Self-help was especially popular and the claptrap of biorhythms falls into that. In this mock-science that can only aspire to such dreck as astrology, your birth date supposedly determines how waves of your mental, physical and emotional health can be charted for any time in your life. I am actually quite glad this was on a cart for the Astrocade, as it puts the console into a very specific timeframe.


Old Chopper – Losing Patience (EP 2012)

Author: Old Chopper
Album: Because Bad Decision Make Good Songs
Title: Losing Patience
Lyrics/Music: Zuzanna Gruner/Marek Zając
Date: 2012

Folks, who defined new misshapen music style called Hard Chopped Rock.


Chaka Khan – I Love Myself Rehearsal w/band

Chaka Khan and her band rehearsing I Love Myself for the 1st time!


Lust for Trust – Punk @ CK13 26.06.2015

I will tell you one simple thing
probably you already know
life ain’t no birds and bees
so no one can hit you that hard

like life can hit you

it really doesn’t matter
how much strong you are
or how hard you can kick
but how much you can take

and keep on moving forward

when life smacks you hard as hell
throw you on your knees
and leave you nailed on the ground
on you depends to get up

to stand tall or crawl

don’t look back
don’t ask for excuse
seek for strength within
carry on my friend

take the winners way

if you know how much you worth
go on and take what is yours
be ready on the path
to take what life can deliver

you are good to take it all


サバイバルゲーム 猛毒タコとの死闘 自給自足 サバイバル生活 6

YouTuber Pop Punk Band!!Our New Statement!

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YouTuberでありPunk Band

Vo.Gt :Ryuhei Hoshino



Can Reaper replace Ableton for live playback?

Here’s a video exploring a method of using Reaper as an alternative to Ableton Live for playback of backing tracks on stage.

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Arthur Brown+”Byzantine Art Punk Ensemble”(Part 2) 20.09.2014 St. Petersburg, Russia

“Festival “Apositsia X” at Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” (Small Hall) , 3D Video


Drug Shock – Vermin

DRUG SHOCK has been brought together by former members of Iron Cross and Step-1 Music street punk band Copyright Chaos.

A heavy guitar driven sound with easy sing-a-long hooks, the band pays homage to early UK punk like the Sex Pistols and the Damned, Oi! heroes like the Business and the Last Resort, as well as American punk pioneers like the Weirdos and the Stooges.

DRUG SHOCK has been consistently gigging around the northeast US since their formation in early 2012. In addition to being featured on FYWROK2 in Tulsa, OK, they were spotlighted twice at 2000 tons of TNT in Hartford, CT in 2012/2014 alongside bands like Evil Conduct, Anti-Nowhere League, X, and Negative Approach.

DRUG SHOCK has also had the pleasure of supporting other great acts such as Stars & Stripes, Murphys Law, The Misfits, The Warriors, The Meatmen, Toxic Holocaust, The Casualties, and Gang Green.

Here is the result of the last year spent in and out of the studio. 12 highly polished, hard hitting tracks of original punk rock. Please take some time to listen to this at FULL VOLUME as it was meant to be played.

A joint release from Rebel Sound Music and Joe Pogo Records.

Their LP is up for pre-sale now at

Pressing info:
200x Black Vinyl
100x Half N Half Red and Orange with Black Splatter (Band Exclusive)
100x Half N Half Swamp Green and Mustard (Rebel Sound Exclusive)
100x Transparent Green with Yellow and Purple Splatter (Joe Pogo Exclusive)


1 Hour Fantasy Folk Music by Vindsvept – All my songs in one playlist. – for high quality downloads. – If you want to support me directly.

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0:00 Lake of Light
3:07 Shimmering in the Shallows
6:33 Wanderer Pt.1
9:17 Wanderer Pt.2
12:17 Weaving the Skies
15:08 Fall of the Leaf
18:15 Farseer
21:23 Hugin’s Flight
24:40 Into the Depths
28:06 Never to Return
31:38 Mourning
34:41 Munin’s Return
37:49 Nightfall
41:09 Reverie
44:52 Rite of Passage
47:59 Sanctuary
51:15 Satyr
54:18 Skymning
57:37 Norrsken

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TheLaundromat – Corporate Static [2008]

Me screaming my head off in my old garage punk band, TheLaundromat. From the Declassified EP [2008]. Produced by Shawn Hammer and TheLaundromat at Midtown Studios [Erie, PA] for Basement Transmissions Records. Lyrics and vocals by TMK. Music on the recording by Dave Stevenson, Nick Warren, Samson Donohue and Ryan Morewood. Also performed live by Patrick Bolla and Stephen Kabasinski. Gang vocals by The Sound City Saints and TheLaundromat. Video is a slide show of promos, cover art, and live photos from various sources.