Tyrant – Day Of The Knight

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Tyrant original Day Of The Knight from the “Scene of the crime” NWOBHM compilation.


Viva La Pola! 2007 – GBH (1)

Viva La Pola! 2007, Summer Revolution Rock Festival, Monumenti, Pula, July 28. The Katarina-Monumenti area is on the northern part of the Pula bay. This is a big ex-military complex with several abandoned barracks, magazines, and different army buildings. After the military left, people started using the space for music and arts festivals. GBH are an English punk rock band, formed in 1978 by vocalist Collin Abrahall and guitarist Colin “Jock” Blyth. GBH were early pioneers of English hardcore punk, often nicknamed “UK82” One of the most uncompromising bands in the world. GBH originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, initially known as Charged GBH, to avoid confusion with a band similarly named, later dropping the prefix after it was discovered no other band existed. Their first album, City Baby Attacked By Rats, was released in 1982 to critical acclaim and its follow up, City Baby’s Revenge, released in 1983 fortified the typical GBH sound – noisy and distorted hardcore punk rock. All through the 80’s and 90’s GBH continued to release records and tour the world. GBH have toured everywhere, extensively in the U.S.A., through Mexico to Brazil and Argentina, from Israel and across Europe to Poland and even in Japan. Bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Sepultura, Slayer(who covered Sick Boy on their recent punk covers C.D.) have all cited GBH as an influence. 2002 sees the release of a new album Ha Ha and that is their best in years. Another album, another world tour, and with 28 years under their belt, GBH is bigger and better than ever! Currently the band are working on songs for a new cd and doing one off gigs around europe.


PIY Punkrock Karaoke – No Punkrock In My Car



The Brood (3/1/1990) at The Mystic Den – Harrisonburg, Va

60s inspired fuzz rock girl band, The Brood, live at The Mystic Den (3/1/1990), in Harrisonburg, Va (JMU). Filmed on VHS by members of the opening band (Sexual Milkshake). Approx 40 minutes.


Free Alternative Punk Music HumaHuma Grassy Hill No Copyright Music

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B roll punk band 3.MOV

Please watch: “Profile of a Productivity Killer: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)”



Plastic Crimewave Syndicate As Twinkwind – The Snake – 3/22/14

CHI-TOWN NIGHTS with TJ Superfan presents: Plastic Crimewave Syndicate As Twinkwind (live) at Empty Bottle, in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Led by Steve Krakow, this chemistry was paying homage to both Hawkwind and Pink Fairies. It was sweet to see the triumphant return of Nick D’vyne — formerly of Plastic Crimewave Sound and currently with Vee Dee — on guitar and vocals. Acid rock, acid punk, space rock, and psychedelia are a few descriptions of this type of music. But it’s really just rock ‘n’ roll music that let’s you escape to the cosmos.

I asked the Chicago music archivist about the name “Twinkwind.”

Steve Krakow: “The Snake” is a Pink Faries tune, but we were trying to cover for the cancelation of Twink, who was in the Pink Fairies. Then Hawkwind cancelled too. Way back in the day, the two bands would often jam together as “Pinkwind.” So we made ours, “Twinkwind.” Kinda goofy, but hey — it’s cosmic rock ‘n’ roll!

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Krewella – Come And Get It (Razihel Remix) – DubStep – Mr ByeByeCopyright

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Moguai & Pennywise – Bro Hymn 2k17 (Taffic) (Damsterdam Remix)

Remix by: Damsterdam of ID of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Moguai played in Bringing The World The Madness 2015
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Supportedt by: Crystal Lake & ANG


Colores HC Punk -Estado de Guerra 2013 [FULL]

Colores Ruido Fastcore

Año: 2013
Grabación: Metal Garage
Lista de Canciones:

1.Sálvese quien pueda
2.Iconoclasta/contra su moral
4.1984 unonueveochocuatro
5.En estado de guerra
6.No sistema tecno-industrial
7.El secreto de los vampiros (pib)
Psiquiatría Farmacéutica