Eric Sherman: Our Band Could Be Your Life

Eric draws parallels between the punk rock and hip hop subcultures to hack night’s role in the civic tech movement.

On December 13th 2016, Chi Hack Night hosted our third round Lightning Talks featuring 8 members of our community. Each presenter was given 2 minutes to tell a story about civics, society and technology.


Lust for Trust – Punk @ CK13 26.06.2015

I will tell you one simple thing
probably you already know
life ain’t no birds and bees
so no one can hit you that hard

like life can hit you

it really doesn’t matter
how much strong you are
or how hard you can kick
but how much you can take

and keep on moving forward

when life smacks you hard as hell
throw you on your knees
and leave you nailed on the ground
on you depends to get up

to stand tall or crawl

don’t look back
don’t ask for excuse
seek for strength within
carry on my friend

take the winners way

if you know how much you worth
go on and take what is yours
be ready on the path
to take what life can deliver

you are good to take it all


Yellowcard, Ocean Avenue with intro, Last song at last show ever in Europe.

22 December 2016
Brooklyn Bowl
Great last show for a unique band that will be missed. Thanks guys!


OTAVA [_nu metal / alternative_]

Otava band from Dnepropetrovsk / Ukraine
Music style nu metal, alternative
Video made in Dim Diz studio


Deadmau5 vs Daft Punk Mega Mix 2 (Daft Punk Sneak Peek Mix)

Like I said before….the mix is not dead! Hope you all enjoy this little sneak peek of the mix that so many people waited for. Until I release the full mix, I will see you then ;D

1. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 & Glenn Morrison Remix)
2. Daft Punk – DAFENDIRKET (The Windolls Remix) w/ Daft Punk – Phoenix
3. Daft Punk – Fresh (DJ Somiak Remix)
4. Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (Ditto Groove Edit)
5. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Joe Maz Remix)
6. Daft Punk – Around The World (PRA3 & Solar Shock Remix)
7. Daft Punk vs Avicii – Derezzed (DANK Remix)
8. Daft Punk – One More Time (Delirious & Alex K Bootleg) w/ Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix)
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Music Studio for iPhone: Band Pack

Music Studio ( offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

It combines a piano keyboard, 65+60 studio-quality instruments with sustain, a fully fledged 127-track sequencer with audio tracks, extensive note editing, reverb, real-time effects, microphone recording and much more on a user-friendly interface.

Try the free Lite version!


#050 Descendents “I Wanna Be a Bear” @ Punk Rock Holiday (09/08/2016) Tolmin, Slovenia

Este tema forma parte del concierto que Descendents ofreció el segundo día del festival Punk Rock Holiday que tuvo lugar el 9 de agosto del 2016 en un entorno paradisíaco como son las inmediaciones del Soča River en Tolmin, Eslovenia.

PlayLIST [All-IN] x150: “nrK7 (Punk Rock Holiday): Viaje al paraíso del Punk Rock”

“I Wanna Be a Bear” es el tema 02 del disco “Milo Goes To Collage” (1982)
——————– Lyrics: ——————–

Got your jourdache jeans
Got your pretty long hair
Dinner and a movie powder your nose
Take their honey for lay
Just like pay
You’re just a human being on this planet
You’re just flesh and blood like all the rest
You’ll get old and have a wrinkled ass
Humans are ses I want to be a bear
I want to shit in the woods
In my cave hunt my prey
Could be you, I want to have food
Burgers not berries
Ladies are women but women are ladies
Got a baited hook you are calling it
Your cherry
You want to settle down
And you want to get married
I don’t want to smell your muff

Descendents es una banda de punk rock procedente de Hermosa Beach, California, un suburbio de Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos. Fue formada en 1978 por Frank Navetta, Tony Lombardo y Bill Stevenson, a los que se unió Milo Aukerman dos años más tarde. Tras más de 30 años de carrera musical, la banda ha lanzado 7 álbumes de estudio y su último trabajo lanzado a finales de julio de 2016 se llama “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”.


Punk Rock Holiday:
*The best Punk Rock party on the most amazing location in the World!

1) Registrado – Sony MV1 (Audio)
2) Zoom – Sony SR11

1st Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
2nd Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
3th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
4th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):
5th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73):


Chico Lobo’s Band

Opening for Nachito Herrera @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Jacksonville, FL.



Gerenzo en ik toveren elkaar om tot Punkers! Het is echt heel bizar allemaal! Op het kanaal van Gerenzo wordt hij veranderd in een PUNK!
Check it Out!

Video van gerenzo

kanaal van GERENZO:

Awakenings Festival Vlog met Linda de munck en Vlogs by rhoda




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Bradley Braafhart
Leidsestraat 32B
1017PB Amsterdam

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Hoi ik ben Bradley Braafhart en ik ben 20 jaar. Ik ben een enthousiaste jongen die altijd positief is. Op mijn kanaal zal je hopelijk grappige Vlogs, Herkenbare video’s, Sketches, Challenges en veel geluidseffecten zien. Ik wil graag een lach op jou gezicht toveren! Ik probeer elke week op vrijdag of zondag te uploaden.
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Rugged – Bad Boi



Rookie Dog Staz – Nothing to Lose + Sunday Drive (live in Punk day Vol.11)

Pusan Skate Punk Rock Band Rookie Dog Staz