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サバイバルゲーム 猛毒タコとの死闘 自給自足 サバイバル生活 2

YouTuber Pop Punk Band!!Our New Statement!

You can download our songs from iTunes Store

Official Website

We are “YouTuber Pop Punk Band” Our New Statement
We’ll uplode various videos!!!!!Look forward to it!Please subscribe!
Best wishes to all!! From Japan

YouTuberでありPunk Band

Vo.Gt :Ryuhei Hoshino




Lanzamiento del libro “La canción punk de los 80 en Chile” del escritor Jonathan Lukinovic Hevia el Viernes 21 de Agosto de 2015 en el Sindicato Nº1 de trabajadores Nestle en San Fernando.


MARSFOOL – I’ll Be Remember

MARSFOOL presenta: “the 60’s punk band”
un homenaje a la música garage, beat, mod, psych.. de los 60’s.

MARSFOOL presenta: “the 60’s punk band”
un homenatje a la musica garatge, beat, mod, psych…dels 60’s.

Sala ACME (Cerdanyola) 15.04.2011


7Days of Punk – Nejsi sám, Jsi Punk

Album: Kunda tady, Kunda tam (2015)


Box Social – All That Punk

Track #11
Album: Hula Dancing Zombies


rancid – antennas [acoustic cover] punk rock dilettante(s)

I did an acoustic version of rancid’s antennas. leave comments below.


Your selling sexism your selling racism
your selling anything you get your fucking hands on
An understanding, you got a plan in a
Presentation to advertisers who demand it
When you plan that
Your antennas are pointed in the right direction
You make a deal in any situation
So with no evacuation
Let California fall into the fucking ocean
Oh they talk to ya, Oh your the town man
High profile Hollywood scum-bag
It’s a done deal, signed and sealed
Deal makers making it all happen
When you plan that
Your antennas are pointed in the right direction
You make a dead in any situation
So with no evacuation
Let California fall into the fucking ocean
Let California fall into the fucking ocean!
Let California fall into the fucking ocean!
Let California fall into the fucking ocean!!!


Barbara Lewis Hello Stranger Legendado

Nostalgia, Charme, Melô, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk Verdadeiro, Hip-Hop, Rap Nacional, New Wave, Dance, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s e 90’s tudo num só lugar o/


Metal Blues Band – Tocando Fondo (Official Video)

Metal Blues Band – Tocando Fondo (Official Video)


The Sound Stage – Episode 25: Superbadmen 超级大坏蛋

Lock up your daughters! Superbadmen are a new punk band that are here to stay. Before you say anything, they’re already playing so loud that they can’t even hear you.

Three friends decided to start a punk band nearly one year ago? Why? Boredom? Who knows? Who cares?? They certainly don’t. All they care about is rocking as much as possible. With 50 shows under their belt, Superbadmen just want to play music for you – whether you want to hear it or not!

Superbadmen is:

Guitar/Vocals:吉乐 Ji Le
Drums:王磊 Wang Lei
Bass/Vocals:丰博 Feng Bo

Next week’s episode:

Xu Wei 许魏

China Radio International presents you a window into the world of Chinese music.

The Sound Stage Podcast:


WeChat Official 微信公众号:




The Sound Stage’s website: