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If Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Sunny Day Real Estate, Blonde Redhead, and the Arcade Fire were crammed into an elevator CIRCA VITAE is surely the illegitimate love child that would spring out on the 5th floor.
CIRCA VITAE began to form in early 2007 with Nate Beveridge and Thaddeus Moore, as Bass and Drums respectively. They were joined shortly thereafter by Britt Brady on guitar and vocals, and Wesley Curtis on guitar.
They spent the next year writing material and playing a handful of shows. A couple members came and went, helping the band to grow and evolve to what they are today. Most recently was the addition of Anna Ponto, whose feminine backing vocals and multi-instrumental talent has rounded off the group, and has helped the creative process of the band as a whole.


Sheer Clothing – Goth Summer Outfits | Disspossable

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Belt- gifted

Shorts- crack fox (comming soon)

Shorts- as before
Dress- ZARA

Night gown- ANN SUMMERS
Trausers- PRIMARK

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Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10 Apr. 24 2017 | REACTION

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INTRO SONG: Diviners feat. Contacreast – Tropic Love
OUTRO SONG: Razihel – Love U


Rock Art and Fossil Fuels

Wyoming’s natural resources have attracted people and development since prehistoric times. In many places you can see ancient lad use in close proximity to modern industry.

Exploring the Nature of Wyoming is produced by:
University of Wyoming Extension
Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources


Morte Psíquica – Carrascos (Carrascão Mix by U.M.M.)

Remix made by U.M.M. from the song “Carrascos” for the mythical portuguese Goth/ Post-Punk band “MORTE PSÍQUICA”.

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[1人エルレ] ELLEGARDEN – PUNK – Full Band Cover

[S.E.L.F (Say Encore, Lady Father)]









Long Time [Pop Rock Guitar Backing Track]

Judul : Long Time
Arrangement : A.C.G
Tempo : 128 BPM
Chord : F#m


Progressive Hardcore Song #1

First track in my demo that’s in the works being written on Tuxguitar


Un estate italiana Punk (Cover de la canción del mundial del 90′) – Antipop Records

Versión punkie del tema del mundial de Italia 90′, grabado en los estudios Antipop Records en La Plata.


Trump Raps… i wrote these 10 years ago. future prediction? or has the writing always been on the w

recorded with a akai xr20… .
then an irig cabled out of an allen and heath mixing board with a AKG p420 mic
onto some free app.
made the underlying beat in less than 20 minutes and reworked it on the fly while recording the vocals.
haven’t touched that machine in about 2 years. it was a 1st take of some lyrics that were written about 8/9 years ago. (with a few lines of freestyle intermixed.) so it’s ironic how pertinent they are to our current situation. and the terrible thing is that it’s not blatantly obvious to these lunatics that somehow forgot what this country stands for. and twisted their bizarre logic in very weird and dark stuff. i kept saying on my vacation recently that people really need to just speak with one another. because i tell you what. this is definitely not an equal blame situation. and anyone that believes that has a few screws loose. i wrote this track almost a decade ago. i’ve felt and seen this bubbling up for a long time. and you keep hearing the blame fall on “the others”. but the others are the ones that are open and accepting to what it means to be an american. not carrying tiki torches through the streets shouting some extremely creepy chants. really, “blood and soul”… i found out what that means today. fucking disgusting. how could you not see that footage and just feel their deep seeded hate. my side (yes i side with the real americans) didn’t ask for any of this. and my side is not alt left. we are already alt enough. but in the good way. the alt right is a sorry excuse for what it means to be american. i know those are strong words but i’m fucking sick of it. i’ve never felt more american in my life. and it’s not because we have an amazing leader to guide us through the darkness. we have a mentally ill man child. and that’s about it. but you know what the best part is. we have each other. and it sounds cheesy but love will conquer all. you can’t ruin something for yourself and then try and ruin the logical folk. take that stupid fucking name back. the folks that are standing up for what america really believe in are no different than our founding fathers battling for certain protections. it took quite sometime to get where we are. but now it seems for certain people this is going quite backward. for the most part a lot of us are just trying to get by. basic necessities are far beyond many habitants in the worlds reach. i could go on forever about this. but i keep feeling more and more confident that good will conquer in the end. most of those people are just hiding behind this facade that things are an entirely different way. they may as well just put them all in alaska, surround it with a wall, and then they can all be happy together! they could hunt and shoot guns and probably a lot of drugs and we wouldn’t have to deal with the hatred, bigotry, terrorist acts, they are very sick people. they all must seem to have forgotten whom was one of the main allies who fought a brutal war against an even more brutal dictator. if only hitler would have been a better artist and not succumb to the propaganda machine. maybe then he would have been a more liberal and cultured individual who ended up painting in the countryside of spain. making something beautiful instead of some of the most awful atrocities we have seen in this lifetime. the intelligence will win out. and if it doesn’t that is a very sad state of affairs. but it is so good to see top republicans/right leaning media heavily denouncing the way this has all been handled. our country is being run by a man baby that receives 2, yes 2, “flattery reports”. look it up on vice. the man is an absolute joke. and if he didn’t swindle all that loot with his “suave” business practices he would have been in the streets in charlottesville right along his friends. i’m actually a little surprised he hasn’t come out to say hello. we all know it would be something pathetic like he would ride along side in a golf cart. because i know the walking would be entirely too much. he is really that stupid. he really is. and he is the “man” that is slowly trying to degrade the finest nation on earth. even battle tested countries in africa are questioning our model of democracy with all the recent activity. alt-left. what a joke. what a joke. more like true Americans that want to harbor caring, nurturing, life opening experiences, to become progressive and really truly become the country that the rest of the world will look at and admire. because right now the only ones that are doing are few and far between. people see through you Trump. you are no magical wizard fooling us all. my niece who has barely started school could have a more educated conversation about politics than you. especially what it means to be a true American. Pathetic. i imagine i will have plenty more tracks that have plenty to say about your ongoing idiocracy.