‘Who is Cm Punk’ Cm Punk Best in the World DVD Trailer


DESERTORES PUNK ROCK na Adrenaline Rock Bar (Butiá-RS)


Nicolai Heidlas – Get Up [Pop / Guitar / happy] royalty free music ♫ FMH promotion

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Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
Song: Get Up
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Tanner Fox – We Do It Best (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia

Tanner Fox – We Do It Best (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia


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outro song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEWc9D0GoJU


THE REACTION (Annecy punk rock) @ LYON – Le Trokson


One Way System @ Birmingham Ballroom 23/12/2011 U.K. Punk

One Way System Live filmed by Andrea Disagio


Ultimate Power Duo at Punk Rock Volleyball

Ultimate Power Duo performing at Punk Rock Volleyball in Saskatoon on July 28, 2012.


#148 Millencolin “Lozin’ Must” @ Punk Rock Holiday (12/08/2016) Tolmin, Slovenia

Este tema forma parte del concierto que Millencolin ofreció el quinto día del festival Punk Rock Holiday que tuvo lugar el 12 de agosto del 2016 en un entorno paradisíaco como son las inmediaciones del Soča River en Tolmin, Eslovenia.

PlayLIST [All-IN] x150: http://goo.gl/s3Pr35
“nrK7 (Punk Rock Holiday): Viaje al paraíso del Punk Rock”

“Lozin’ Must” es el tema 02 del disco “”For Monkeys” (1997)
——————– Lyrics: ——————–

When I am lozin’ must in a conversation
it makes me use my imagination
start to think that they’re after me
’cause I’m as sore as those monkeys hope.
The chat goes on and I feel smaller,
the guys in front of me they get taller
when I open my mouth again to tell them something more
they answer me with a hockeyscore.

Must be strong, can’t be wrong
or you’ll be lozin’ must, you’ll be lozin’ trust in yourself.

Well, I have this girl and I make her crazy
when I’m gone she’s bored and lazy.
I get a kick from pushin’ her
but I’m not sure about how she feels about it.
My favorite hockeyteam are strugglin’
it makes my stoamch bubblin’ bad
their hard time really makes me sad.
We had some fucked up years now it’s time to whipe away those tears.

It’s been a tough time for me this past year,
lots of questions who I am or what I wanna be.
I also found some answers the fog is gone.
I feel better every day and now the feeling is here to stay.

Millencolin es una banda sueca de skate punk formada en Örebro, en octubre de 1992. Sus miembros fundadores son Nikola Sarcevic (bajo y voz principal), Erik Ohlsson (guitarra) y Mathias Färm (guitarra). El baterista Fredrik Larzon se uniría al grupo a comienzos de 1993. El nombre Millencolin deriva del truco de skate “Melancholy”.



Punk Rock Holiday:

*The best Punk Rock party on the most amazing location in the World!

1) Registrado – Sony MV1 (Audio)
2) Zoom – Sony SR11

1st Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pb
2nd Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pr
3th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pJ
4th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pO
5th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pR


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CM Punk Calls Out Hulk Hogan and insults him!

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