Jungle Studs – LP – VIRUS 51 – 1986

Introducing Jungle Studs from San Francisco, CA, featuring members of Dead Kennedys and Flipper. This is their one and only LP, released 1986 on Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 51.

1. All The Girls In The World 00:00
2. Can You Feel It 03:20
3. Coming Down The Track 6:02
4. Beloved Infidels 8:55
5. I Want (To Stop It Now) 12:34
6. Stella 17:27
7. Ma Baby 20:12
8. Modern Times 23:54
9. Delusion 27:13
10. Carry On 30:52


♫♫Live Timber (Pitbull-Ke$ha) – Janet & Black Pearl band Live at Black Pearl bar

♥♥ Black Pearl Bar ♫♫Live Music – Live Band♫♫ tại địa chỉ 64 Hạ long, Vũng tàu hàng đêm luôn sôi động với những ca khúc bất hủ của các bản nhạc pop, các vũ điệu nóng bỏng của nhạc dance , latin hay những nhịp đập mạnh mẽ của rock,.. bạn hãy đến thưởng thức hòa mình vào không khí âm nhạc tuyệt vời này nhé, với hệ thống âm thanh cao cấp chuyên về biểu diễn nhạc sống, chất lượng âm thanh tuyệt vời chắc chắn sẽ làm hài lòng những Quý khách nghe nhạc khó tính nhất.♥♥♥♥♥
** Hân hạnh được đón tiếp Qúy khách !**
** Liên hệ đặt bàn (hotline) : 0937882264**


Légitime Violence – Non jamais [Lyrics]

Lyrics in Greek, English, Francais

Title: Non jamais! / No, never! / Όχι, ποτέ!
Artist: Légitime Violence / Legitimate Violence / Νόμιμη Βία
Album: Rock Haine Oi! (soon available)
Year: 2015
Province of origin: Quebec, French-speaking Canada
Genre: Oi / RAC / Hardcore-punk
Label: Hostile Class Productions


[LIVE] 2017.07.15 Indigo Moiré – Perth

Six Thirty Recordings presents: Turnover Live In Jakarta
Supported by Hearingeye Records & MATERNAL DISASTER

Turnover are an indie rock band from Virginia Beach, VA that was formed in 2009.
They started out playing pop punk and released a demo in 2009, followed by a self-titled EP in 2011.
‘Peripheral Vision’ was released in May 2015 on Run for Cover Records.
The album marked a shift similar to Magnolia two years earlier, except opting for a more dream pop and indie sound.

Supporting Acts
Fernie Sue
Indigo Moiré
Killed By Butterfly

Get a taste at https://soundcloud.com/630recs/sets/turnoverjkt

Rossi Musik (4th Floor)
Saturday, July 15th, 2017
Door 18:00
Show 19:00



Krewella – Come And Get It (Razihel Remix) – DubStep – Mr ByeByeCopyright

Krewella’s Come & Get It Official Remix Set: https://soundcloud.com/krewella/sets/

Free Download @ https://www.facebook.com/RazihelOffic

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punk rock Losung



Rock Art and Fossil Fuels

Wyoming’s natural resources have attracted people and development since prehistoric times. In many places you can see ancient lad use in close proximity to modern industry.

Exploring the Nature of Wyoming is produced by:
University of Wyoming Extension
Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources



Indie Metal Rock Music – Silence Becomes Me

Lorrie Clark heavy metal singer and song writer from Canada. Formed bands Mind Over Matter distributed by Cargo Records. Metasis and Mind Over Matter were both published by Sub-species Music.


គូស្នេហ៍ , Couple Love ,By; EMo Composer , khmer Original song , [Khmer Lyrics Songs]

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បទ៖ គូស្នេហ៍ , Couple Love ,
By; EMo Composer

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UP TO 11 – D’yer Mak’er (Cover Band)

UP TO 11 versionando D’yer Mak’er de la banda inglesa Led Zeppelin en Jospital el 17/5/13 (San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife). Concierto debut.