The Flys Party At the nuclear power plant

Punk band the Flys from their self titled from 1986, not my work just uploading because of the lack of music. Enjoy.


[Cringe] Metal band performs in school

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#Peacock! No Punk Blues, @AnnesEmbroidery +TheAgrarians @FreeMusicArchive

Freehand drawing and digitizing of a peacock, photographed and pieced together with great music by The Agrarians, “No Punk Blues”, found in Free Music Archive. I do not monetize my videos, ever, and the sound is only to enhance the viewing experience.
This one, in particular, really makes the art!
The point of these videos is to show how embroidery designs flow when sewing out, and art for the sake of art..!
I hope you will enjoy it.. Anne’s Embroidery digitizing and embroidery videos…


apocalipstix – kopfsalat + war in my head

2 songs of the german band “apocalipstix” from bremen. kopfsalat + war in my head… enjoy!


RANCUNE – Freiheit mein Arsch

RANCUNE treads the line between 80s-inspired electronic sounds and new-wave songwriting. Influenced by garage rock, electronic body music and most things in between, these three French guys living in Berlin can’t choose between singing in their mother tongue, English or German. Playing with an assemblage of analog synthesizers, drum machines, plus an organ and a guitar amp, the three members take turns to sing songs of love, lust, grudge and culinary frustration.
Release in June 2016
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Music 2000 Playstation – Raven Wings

Title: Raven Wings
Compose by: Benjamin Segundo Nanquil (djreb15)
Created in Music 2000 Playstation
Year Created: 2004-2007
Album: TSDM/The Secret Divine Melodies


Best Life Denver 2015 Edition MXPX

MXPX was in Denver to play a sold out show but before taking care of the punk rock business, we stopped off at a wildlife reserve in the Denver area. The video explains it all. Sort of. Thank you Jason H.Z. for making no, forcing this to happen. For the full blog and photos go to my site below and click on blog. Thanks!

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New Nepali Song | BIR NEPALI | बीर नेपाली | by VAJRA BAND

New Nepali Song | BIR NEPALI | बीर नेपाली | by VAJRA BAND
Song by
Lyrics: Dharmen
Composer: Dharmendra Maharjan
Album: Sangharsha
Camera: Aliz Stha
Edit: GYanen Mhz
(Drummer: Anish Bajracharya,Bass: Sajan Kapali,VOX/Guitar: Dharmendra Maharjan )

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The Dreadnoughts – Hottress & If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Live@Highlife Interlaken 2010)

The Dreadnoughts – Hottress & If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Live@Highlife Interlaken 06.08.2010)


Last Flight – Dance To The Music BBC sessions

NWOBHM Last Flight performing Dance To The Music at BBC studios, 1981.
Song written by Robert Murray.