The Clockwork Quartet – The Doctor’s Wife

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DESERTORES PUNK ROCK na Adrenaline Rock Bar (Butiá-RS)


Tanner Fox – We Do It Best (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia

Tanner Fox – We Do It Best (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia


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My Baby She Glows In The Dark * The Rousers * w/ Philippé Marcadé HD edit

My Baby She Glows In The Dark * The Rousers * w/ Philippé Marcadé HD edit
Mayday 2 Punk Rock Allstars @ (le) poison rouge
Philippé Marcadé * Bill Dickson * Tom Milmore * Sal Cappi * Brett Wilder * P.f. Flyer

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Absint KALD DAMU trailer

Absint – Pierre-Yves Chapalain
Vykloubená groteska
premiéra 4. května 2012 – katedra alternativního a loutkového divadla

Knír nebo život?

“Moje sestra si myslí, že jsem ji chtěla otrávit. Prostě jsem nalila čistící prostředek do sklenice na víno, která stála na baru, ona přišla, bez jediného slova se po ní vrhla a začala si v ní máčet rty. Tak jsem ji nechala. Říkala jsem si — když ani neumí pozdravit… Nakonec si musela sama zavolat sanitku.”

režie, překlad – Linda Dušková
úprava – Linda Dušková, Helena Eliášová
dramaturgie – Helena Eliášová
scéna – Silvie Gajdošíková
kostýmy – Marianna Stránská
kostýmní spolupráce – Helena Fričarová
choreografie – Kateřina Stupecká
zvuk – Jitka Nebeská
světla – Šimon Kočí
hudební spolupráce – Vratislav Šrámek
produkce – Kristýna Kamenická, Kamila Mazáčová, Zuzana Hájková

Francis – Jan Cina
Adèle – Johana Schmidtmajerová
Absint – Soňa Páleníková
Adrien – Šimon Krupa
Muž s knírkem, Eduard a Jean – Pavel Blažek
Constance – Hedvika Řezáčová
Monica – Eliška Křenková
Číšník – Antonín Týmal
Provazochodkyně – Anne — Françoise Josephová
Krotitel lvů – Filip Šebšajevič
Vousatá dáma – Tilen Kozamelj

Tomáš Indy Kratochvíl


star wars punk cover

video con imagenes de star wars!


BABY Punch My Face – TheInternetDisease Edition – Video PUNK Rap song

MANY thank yous got out to YouTube user TheInternetDisease for providing this musical track to my song-poem “BABY Punch My Face”, a punk RAP / rock song ala Linkin Park.


Modern Rock and Roll Music from Europe

Free video about rock ‘n’ roll. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this rock ‘n’ roll video.

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The rock and roll or rock’n’roll, is a musical genre of rhythm marking, derived from a mixture of various genres of American folk music and popularized since the 1950s His most influential singer was. Elvis Presley ; his most influential guitarist, Chuck Berry, and its most representative bands, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard and Bill Haley and The Comets, among others.

The term rock and roll was already used in the letters of rhythm and blues from the late 1930s, but it was the disc jockey American Alan Freed who began using it to describe the style. The word rock derived from the term rock and roll, and today still has two meanings, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, “a distinctive musical genre and popularized in the 50” 2 (which corresponds to the definition of rock and roll 3 ) and “every one of several musical genres derived from rock and roll ” 2 (which is the definition of contemporary genre called rock, and fulfilling wine that historically the term rock and roll ). However, in practice there are many artists in rock music, rock and roll without making the 50, terming continue his music “rock and roll”.

The expression in turn was taken by Freed of black music itself that spread, which used to contain it in the lyrics of the songs as the theme Rock and rolling (1939) by Bob Robinson, Rock and rolling mamma (1939) by Buddy Jones and Cherry Red (1939) by Joe Turner. Three different songs with the title Rock and roll were recorded in the late 1940s, created by Paul Bascomb in 1947, Wild Bill Moore in 1948 and in 1949 for Doles Dickens then the expression was commonly used in the letters of R & B. 5 In 1949 Erline Harris, he recorded the song Rock and Roll Blues, which constantly repeats the phrase and earned him the nickname Erline “Rock and Roll” Harris.

It is only since the 1960s, when it decays and ceases to be the rate that represented the young rebel in the 50s, giving way to the genre called rock or rock music, which would mark a milestone among the emerging young generation of 60. However, it born different subgenres like rockabilly, the doo wop or hard rock, and phenomena such as the Teen Idols or Girl Groups, the latter mainly sponsored by Phil Spector in July and he has derived genres like the garage rock, the punk rock, the progressive rock or glam rock, goth rock, and among them there are still common elements from the rock n ‘roll. So some artists of hard rock like AC / DC and Dr. Feelgood defined as musicians like to rock n ‘roll, to bring out his musical influence.

Characteristic of most rock ‘n’ roll bands is the occupation as a front man acting singer, accompanied by guitar and / or piano, double bass or electric bass and drums, occasionally supplemented by other instruments such as saxophone. The vocals are often guttural-rough. The constantly repeated riff is backed by a hard beat, usually in 4/4 timing and with a strong backbeat / Offbeat played. Typical are relatively short compositions in the 12-bar blues pattern and the “rolling”, originally from the boogie-woogie originated bass line. Rock ‘n’ Roll is considered as the origin of rock music.

The rock ‘n’ roll dance is a service associated with this music competition dance, consisting of the Lindy Hop has emerged and its most famous features are the acrobatics. Closely associated with this music are the dances Jive and Boogie Woogie.

Originally, rock and roll – English for “weighing and rolling” and the complementary waveform rocking and rolling, “weigh and roll”, a slang and euphemism for the particular sexual intercourse. The term rock ‘n’ roll was probably the first time as a term for a style of music in 1951 by the American DJ Alan Freed coined. The line of text “Rock, rock, rock everybody, roll, roll, roll everybody” from Bill Haley’s Rock-a-Beatin Boogie, the Freed used as a signet of his broadcasts later, was soon followed by the youth of the whole country. However, the terms appeared rock and rock and roll was years ago in black rhythm-and-blues on -Titeln, for example, in Eunice Davis’ recording rock little Daddy 1951 or already in 1934 by the Boswell Sisters recorded tracks Rock & Roll.

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Punk Rock combativo (Dixpersión) “Corazón”

Esta es la 2º canción de nuestro disco “Miles de Ojos”, con la colaboración de Luter.


Bastardas – Beer Or Die (2016)

Beer or Die (2016)
Punk/Hardcore Punk
Rosario, Argentina

01- Anti Vos 00:00
02- Adicción 01:20
03- Medios 02:45
04- Rapidito 04:35
05- Cayendo 05:45
06- Hartazgo 08:25
07- Macho 11:01
08- La Naturaleza 11:57
09- PseudoPunk 13:09
10- Tu Cultura 14:34
11- No Se Qué Pasa Pero Estoy Bien 16:13