7Days of Punk – Starý Dobrý Časy III

Album: Kunda tady, Kunda tam (2015)



live concert video of the band TERROR in PARIS the 12 MARCH 2015 playing the song with popolar songs like KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT or OVERCOME or ONE WITH THE UNDERDOGS similar to the band MADBALL or LIONHEART or NO TURNING BACK or FIRST BLOOD

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If i make a mistake


Acoustic Rock Band (Lazy Eye)

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This is an acoustic arrangement of the Silversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye” from Rock Band 2. Alright, I realize that’s a bit of a stretch for a video game track but I really love this song and I first discovered it and the Silversun Pickups (now one of my favorite bands) when I played Rock Band 2 for the first time!

Special thanks to my very talented friend Kim Hui for whipping up the cover art (http://www.kim-hui.com/2014/07/signal-boosts.html) !
MP3 Link: http://bit.ly/1lhq8Pe
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1ka9jum
Vocals by Chris Chirico
Guitars and bass played by Chris Chirico
Drums programmed by Chris Chirico
Composed by Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger, Christopher Guanlao, Joe Lester
Arranged by Chris Chirico
Recorded and mixed by Chris Chirico in Garageband and Audacity
Artwork by Kim Hui (http://www.kim-hui.com)
Intro logo by William C Jones (http://williamcjones48.deviantart.com)


Dreamy Cinematic ‘Rock’ Music – Everland (Copyright Free Music)

Dreamy, Cinematic, Rock Guitar Music Arrangement – Everland. This song is copyright free music. More info in the description.

‘The Future Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt


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– Do not try to claim copyright and sell it as your original work.

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About the piece & My thoughts:

I keep trying to challenge myself these days.To improve my guitar playing and guitar recording skills, I know it’s not ‘epic’ yet, but I have to practice and try myself out to get there. haha. Sorry for a few crappy ‘out of tune’ bends.
I hope you are having an awesome day!

✌ Peace and happiness for everyone! ✌


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Credits to the artist:
Kelen Emsley,

© All rights of ownership reserved.


Faka Lab – My dreams

Cocktail of the american punk-rock 70th flavored with power-pop. It is the way these three guys characterize their music. Fake Lab was founded by Vince Gray & Tony Crash on September 12, 2011. Later they were joined by Andrew Box. On January 17, 2012 they started recording their debut Extended Play album called “Blank Generation” at the Vintage Mixing Studio & the album was completed on May 4, 2012. The official release is expected in the summer of 2012.


Album Review: Last Winter – The Heart and the Broken Compass [Rock]

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Crazy T-Shirt Music

Running Away – Three Days Grace
(Can’t Get My) Head Around You – The Offspring
Good Evening (Dream Big) – Outasight
Happiness – Beardyman
Doin’ Your Mom – Fatty Spins
Shadowside – a-ha
Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones
Where’d You Go – Fort Minor
Fireflies – Owl City
Bright Eyes (Demo) – Vonnegutt
Guns are Drawn – The Roots


The Muffins – No Name

The Muffins telah merilis album perdana mereka dan masuk di album Medan Teriak 2014. No Name adalah salah satu lagu yang ada di album Medan Teiak 2014, dan The Muffins adalah band yang luar biasa bagi kami, attitude dan jiwa seni yang tinggi yang menurut kami sebagai pondasi yang kokoh untuk band ini, itu terbukti……… Lagunya keren-keren…. Bagaimana menurut anda…

Support Terus Band Medan Dengan Nyata !!!!!!!!!


[OST] Chroma Squad: Complete Original Soundtrack

Chroma Squad is a tactical role-playing video game developed by Brazilian development team Behold Studios. The game is influenced by Super Sentai (Japanese superhero) TV shows, in particular by the American franchise, Power Rangers. The game’s development was funded via Kickstarter.

The game was released on April 30, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Digital distribution is available through Steam and GOG.

If you like the soundtrack, buy it on Bandcamp or Steam.

1. Power of Love, Chroma Squad! 0:00 – 1:15
2. All Play and No Work 1:16 – 3:42
3. Lights, Camera, Chromatize 3:45 – 7:00
4. Wait, what 7:01 – 8:15
5. My name is Cerebro 8:18 – 9:02
6. A little break from Saving the Planet 9:04 – 12:22
7. You there, to the Scene! 12:23 – 13:41
8. The Groove of Justice 13:42 – 17:05
9. The Perfect Plan 17:07 – 18:03
10. On to Plan B 18:06 – 21:12
11. That’s a Wrap 21:13 – 21:57
12. Hard Boiled 21:58 – 25:14
13. Amazing Entrance 25:17 – 25:55
14. Ain’t no Suit 25:56 – 28:56
15. Something Smells Fishy 28:58 – 32:22
16. Monster Jelly 32:23 – 33:04
17. Monster Jam 33:05 – 36:26
18. United we Stand 36:28 – 39:45
19. Here They Come 39:47 – 40:25
20. A Threat to Us All 40:27 – 43:38
21. Episode Delayed 43:39 – 43:55
22. This isn’t even my final form! 43:56 – 44:34
23. Friends in Danger 44:34 – 47:58
24. Destroy the City, Save the City 48:00 – 51:29
25. Apocalypse Cancelled 51:35 – 52:16
26. Bits and Pieces 52:19 – 52:28
27. Spoiled Kid from Outer Space 52:30 – 53:11
28. Dance to the Beating 53:12 – 56:32
29. The Voidbringer 56:35 – 57:08
30. Could This Be the End 57:10 – 1:00:32
31. Be Brave 1:00:34 – 1:02:05

[NOTE: I am not making any money off of ad revenue for this video. My Adsense account has been permanently suspended and I can’t be bothered to appeal it. Any advert is either the Original Creator’s (Behold Studios) doing or Youtube’s]


THREE RJ band-Impotensia punk Cihideung hilir live steven & coconuttreez-lagu santai

Parade punk impotensia cihideung hilir,kuningan,jawa barat “THREE RJ BAND”