Life’s So Boring – Blink 182 *RARE*

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The album will be released in January! So expect 11 new songs (recorded with Ke$ha’s producer) with a music video. We’re also gonna be touring alot (since we want to get signed). I know it was a long wait but I don’t rush things when I want to make them right.­lMontreal

Listen to our teaser and hope to see you on tour!

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Blink 182 – Feeling This HD (Live Chicago 2011)


blink-182 – Up All Night (Live iHeartRadio Theater 2016)


Blink-182 – “Carousel” LIVE @ Reading 2014

Blink-182 playing their song “Carousel” LIVE at the Reading Festival 2014.


Blink 182 – The Piano Album

1. Carousel 00:00
2. Going Away To College 04:20
3. I Miss You 07:23
4. Anthem Part 1 10:42
5. Dammit 13:23
6. What’s My Age Again? 16:12
7. Wrecked Him 18:18
8. Anthem Part 2 20:53
9. All The Small Things 24:15
10. Rock Show 26:53
11. Stay Together For The Kids 29:46
12. Another Girl Another Planet 32:55
13. A Letter To Elise 35:20
14. Always 38:33


Blink 182’s Musical Backstage Interview | At The Back Door

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Paul Costabile join the guys from Blink 182 backstage at the iHeartRadio Theater in NYC for a random musical interview. Watch as the band answers questions about their career and new music while making up some random songs with Paul.

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Blink 182 – Good Times Tour Footage (Part Two) 1997

Blink 182 – Good Times Tour Footage (Part One) 1997 Tom Delonge Mark Hoppus Travis Barker Scott Raynor Live Rare


Man Overboard live / blink-182 / California Tour / San Diego / July 21, 2016


Blink-182 – Adam’s Song – LIVE – PITTSBURGH ( HD )

Watch in HD
Adam’s Song as performed by Blink-182
Performed in Pittsburgh PA 8-14-09
Sorry for any shaky camera movements.


Blink 182 – LA Forum (Cheetah)

Video Info:
Cheetah interviews some fans before a Blink show in 2001 in Los Angeles.