How to Sing Like: Green Day (Billie Joe Armstrong)

Vocal techniques to sing like Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day; an exploration 🙂

I haven’t checked this vid in awhile, but the comments were getting a little crazy.. so just so everyone knows, this video is for FUN. Don’t take yourselves so seriously 🙂


Green Day Style Punk Rock Backing Track in G

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Green Day Style Punk Rock Backing Track in G
You can play E minor pentatonic and G major pentatonic scale over the whole track.

Cm : play C dorian scale

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Artmant Guitar Backing Tracks

Enjoy!! 🙂


Green Day Live in Chicago (7.13.09)

Green Day live at the United Center in Chicago.

***Sorry about the screaming in the bg, it was someone next to me***

I was in section 312, top row.


Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Live Video 2016 ]

Edited by Aimiee Smith


Green Day (live 1998)

Show emitido por MTV. Tour del disco Nimrod.


1) Nice Guys Finish Last.
2) Hitchin’ a Ride.
3) Big Yellow Taxi.
4) The Grouch.
5) Geek Stink Breath.
6) Welcome to Paradise.
7) Longview.
8) She.
9) Redundant.
10) Basket Case.
11) Prosthetic Head.
12) When I Come Around.
13) Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).
14) Brain Stew.

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Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown [Full Album]

Song of the Century – 0:00 21st Century Breakdown – 0:58 Know Your Enemy – 6:07 ¡Viva la Gloria! – 9:18 Before the Lobotomy – 12:49 Christian’s Inferno …


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Green Day: “Let Yourself Go” – [Official Live Video]

Watch a live video of “Let Yourself Go” – filmed at Red 7 in Austin, TX on November 17, 2011. Get the studio version of the song on ¡Uno! – out now. Get ¡Uno! at and the new album ¡Tre! at now!

Director: Tim Wheeler / FARM LEAGUE

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