Green Day(Full Stoned Interview)Much Music”1995

Green Day(Full Stoned Interview)Much Music''1995

Green Day interview August 10th, 1995 with Much Music. They talk about life after Dookie, songwriting the disappointments of the music industry scene,the guys talk about boner fights, their sensitive side, connecting with their fans, machoness and Jello Biafra.The band aslo discuss about making money, what they think of performing at woodstock, what the song J.A.R is about and taking advantage of life. Yes, this is the video where Billie farts.Green Day talk about ticket prices, their injuries, personal hygiene, their beliefs in UFOs, stage fight. “The right side called the left side.. dumb” And they talk about speed, speed and more speed.


Simple Plan interview 2012 – L’Histoire Officielle // LASCENEMUSICALE.CA

Simple Plan interview 2012 - L'Histoire Officielle // LASCENEMUSICALE.CA

Entrevue 2012 avec Sébastien et Pierre de Simple Plan.
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I Simple Plan sono stati ospiti di Marco e Giò con Marisol il 28 marzo 2012, durante la trasmissione “00K”, in onda dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 15:00 alle 17:00, e il sabato dalle 13:00 alle 16:00 su Radio Kiss Kiss. Rivivi e condividi l’intervista!


LIFE – Interview ( Sessions)

LIFE - Interview ( Sessions)

A band with ties stronger than family. LIFE talk their debut EP and the astonishing list of guest musicians & drummers from Devo, Incubus, The Vandals and more. R U D W N ?

Producer: Matt Simpson
Production Manager: Bryan VanGelder
Camera: Nathan Carpenter & Keith Barker
Sound: Gian Vassaliko
Editor: Bryan VanGelder


Day 3 in Japan

Day 3 in Japan

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Green Day News Bang Bang Details & Surprise Concert Coming?

Green Day News  Bang Bang Details & Surprise Concert Coming?

A New York radio host has said Green Day’s new single sounds like their classic album, ‘Dookie’.

The first new music from the Californian punk band since 2012 album ‘¡Tré!’ is set to be released on August 11 and is called ‘Bang Bang’.

Nik Rivers from New York station 107.7FM has already heard the track and described it as being for fans of “the early, punky Green Day”.

“If you are a fan of the early, punky Green Day, you will LOVE the new song ‘Bang Bang’,” he wrote according to Upset.

“And when I say early, think ‘Dookie’, but not ‘When I Come Around’ ‘Dookie’, but more ‘Welcome To Paradise’, ‘Burnout’ & ‘Chump’ ‘Dookie’… with hints of ‘Kerplunk’ & the rawness of ’39 Smooth’.”

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong announced the band would be releasing new music recently by posting on Instagram.

He wrote: ”Dear friends! green day is putting out a new single called ”BANG BANG” August 11. stay tuned for more details.. photo by Frank Maddocks (sic).”



Travis Barker’s Set Up For blink-182’s Headlining Set at Lollapalooza | Gearheads

Travis Barker's Set Up For blink-182's Headlining Set at Lollapalooza | Gearheads

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When it comes to his kit, Travis Barker thinks less is more. In this Gearheads, he shows us what he’s working with, and how his drumming anchors blink’s live shows.

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Blink 182 Dammit & Interview Live USA Summer Rental 06/08/1998 (VHS-DVD)

Blink 182 Dammit & Interview Live USA Summer Rental 06/08/1998 (VHS-DVD)
The file was transferred from a VHS tape to a DVD
All my videos are transferring VHS to DVD
Most of the shows were moved by the capture card or a DVD recorded and they are not VCD/MPEG1
since the quality loss was almost nothing.