La//Haine – Rooms

La//Haine - Rooms

First video from Indie/Post-Punk band La//Haine.
Rooms is the first single from forthcoming Ep Moon Ep, out on February 22, 2012.
The band does not own the rights for the footage included in the video, it’s a tribute.
Editing from Francesca Macor, Music from La//Haine, all rights reserved.


I’m gonna etch in my mind all these memoirs of my own (these memoirs of/ these memoirs of my own)
as the new days move in time resounding on and on (resounding on/ resounding on and on)

Visions of colors which merge and then snap on the walls ( melting and/ expanding on the floor)
Your mouth providing new life to my lungs and my bones/ take me apart/ lead me there alone

Is this new fear a reflection or is it the cause?I’ll never let
it go

If ambitions take over will you wait for some lover to feel sane, once again once again?
Please don’t ask me to hide when the feeling ignites I can’t try, anyways anyways
I know you’ve heard it all before, surely you’ve been there all before

Now that I’m trying to overcome my own self I feel lost
what is the essence itself, what’s the goal?
People grow fiercer these days, they shall never know
wait for them all, wait for their heads to turn

Turn down the lights let them speak for us tonight/ I cannot sleep alone
Is this new fear a reflection or is it the cause? It just won’t let me go
Let me just drown in the decks, a still shore in the night/ I cannot sleep alone
But down in your eyes I have found all the safety I long sought /now I won’t let/ I won’t let it go

Rit + what if the saddest of feelings takes control leading closer to a dramatic neglect? I don’t care I don’t care

A whole different age, I saw time change, I saw time change
A whole different age, I saw it change I saw it change
In your room/ In your room


Stereo Radio live band version

Stereo Radio live band version

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Video credits: Dorota Pawlak
Anton Zaitsev
Javier Figueira
Kate Orange.
Musicians: Kate Orange – singer/songwriter
Randy Manniesing and Felix Bryun – guitar
Jurriaan de Kok – bass
Fabrice Lf Jacob – keys
Magdalena Dzambo – backing vocal.
Javier Figueira – drums

For a booking:
+31683829513 Kate


Kakkmaddafakka – Restless (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Kakkmaddafakka - Restless (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

“Restless” music video. Directed by Sophie Levy (sofilms)


Analogue Church Australia (Best) [ ]

Analogue Church Australia (Best) [  ]

Analogue Church striking back again! This time with some loud and banging “Thunder” that will make you jump. It’s perfect for large crowds and festivals because of its simple catchy melodies with heavy energetic bass lines. This is certainly why it will be one of the most played albums this summer and a crowd favorite.A group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything and put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that is today worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world.

The Analogue Church sound that everyone recognizes is only getting bigger and better to compensate for the larger crowds they playing for with one thing in mind; making the crowd go crazy! or


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Fast and energetic uplifting indie rock with positive mood / feel. Overdrive guitars with bells and piano section, also with great melody and vocal harmony’s. Useful for successful corporate visuals.

Think teenager, party, west coast, indie / skater punk rock – great for projects demanding a carefree, youthful and exciting and uplifting sort of vibe.

2 versions included:

1) Main track with whistle 2:12 2) Alternative version without whistle 2:12


Blackstar — Using LT Drive Pedal to get a great rock tone!

Blackstar -- Using LT Drive Pedal to get a great rock tone!

Here’s a quick tip on the Blackstar LT drive pedal. This tip is on getting a nice crunchy tone, very suitable for modern tone or even classic rock.
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