blink-182 – NOT NOW (Drum Cover)

blink-182 - NOT NOW (Drum Cover)

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Cover #55. So I decided to record some of my very favorite tunes for the next couple of weeks, and this is definitely one of them. It’s been way up there ever since the first time I heard it, it’s just an incredible arrangement full of energy. This is as good as it got with the Tom, Mark and Travis trio, according to me. In addition, Travis Barker’s drum parts are just intense and awesome. Love it!

It also fits pretty well to cover Travis after having talked about the Sweet Ride and my story behind starting playing it in the previous episode of Drumday Sunday. Not too surprisingly, it fits pretty well in the mix. Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned, I forgot to bring the right hand crash+stand, so doing this cover with only one crash was unintentional.

Here’s a playlist with all of the blink-182 covers I’ve done so far:

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blink-182 – Not Now
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Atomic Rocketeers live ” Got my mojo working” Muddy Waters cover

Atomic Rocketeers   live   " Got my mojo working"  Muddy Waters cover

Band: Atomic Rocketeers
Style: a mixture out of Blues, Jumpblues, Rock-a-billy, Ska, Swing, Beat, Glamrock, Punk, Rhythm’n’blues, Rock’n’roll…
Insired by: Brian Setzer, Chris Cheney, Bo Diddley, Johnny Burnette Trio, Stray Cats, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Colin James,
Los Lobos
Dee Dee plays: Gretsch White Falcon 1959, Gretsch 6120 1959, Fender Pro Reverb 1965, Fender Bassman 1963 6g6 B, on stage Boss RE20 at the studio Roland RE 301


simple plan – Untitled (with lyrics)

simple plan - Untitled (with lyrics)

This song is so emotional, I hope I played it well:)
Thank you for watching.
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How to create a Foundation Plan in Revit Architecture

How to create a Foundation Plan in Revit Architecture

How to create a Foundation Plan in Revit Architecture

This video was intended for educational use at Lakeville South High School. This video demonstrates how Revit can be used and should be used as a learning tool to get started but not for use on professional products.

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